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May 03, 2019

Special Thanks to Our Partners

P.A.W. Journey Donors & Partners in Attendance

Steve Worthy

Steve Worthy is a Co-Founder of MaxWorth Consulting Group and a P.A.W. Journey Donor. Steve was able to pour his attending wealth of  corporate business experience, wisdom and etiquette into our scholar-athletes daily. The industry insight and mentorship he provided gave each student a fresh outlook and new perspective on their future opportunities.

Coty Sensabaugh

7-year NFL Veteran, P.A.W. Journey donor, and Clemson Alum. Our scholar- athletes were able to learn and interact with a successful professional, who has not only walked in their shoes, but also is now thriving in the arenas of professional sport, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Peter Markham

CEO, Private Equity Firm in New York City and Clemson Alum. Peter served as a notable member of P.A.W. Journey’s Business Week planning committee. As a valued Executive Leader in New York, Peter was able to connect our program with many of the global companies visited.

Chris Peters

Senior Director of Development at Clemson University Foundation. Through his strong relationships with companies like American Express, Ogilvy, and The Late Show, Chris helped bridge our scholar-athletes to experiences of a lifetime in industries they desired most.

Marcus Gilchrist

8-year NFL Veteran, and Clemson Alum. Being a multi-business owner and former Clemson football player, Marcus provided insight to our scholar-athletes on how their intangibles learned from football transfer into the business world.

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