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May 03, 2019

P.A.W. Journey Business Week: Day 2


Today we traveled to Midtown of NYC, to descend upon the advertising company, Ogilvy. Ogilvy is one of the top advertising companies in the world and represents many different brands: from Samsung, to Nationwide, to The Washington Post. We heard from a plethora of different speakers that explained their process of working with brands and how they overcome the ups and downs of that process. Lastly we were given a tour of their office and taken up to the rooftop for the culmination of the visit.

In the afternoon, we took to the Universal Music Group, and famous record label, Def Jam. Def Jam Records is a multi faceted record company that represents the likes of Kanye West, Pusha T, Rihanna, and 2 Chainz. We heard from Clemson graduate JD Tuminski who revealed several personnel from the different parts of Def Jam including digital marketing, radio, promotion, as well as the CEO and Chairman, Paul Rosenberg. Rosenberg shared his story and expounded upon the culture he wanted to set at the company, in his short time of only being chairman for over a year.

The last stop of the day was in the meatpacking district, New York 1 — Spectrum. This independent television station has its own local news show and runs political commentary and more. We heard from their top executives, as well as some of their on-air talent. Our scholars had an opportunity to tour the control room, newsroom, and even step-in and have a shot behind the anchor desk and meteorologist screen too.

Quote of the Day

“Become an ambassador for the brand.”
– Jean-Rene Zetrenne (Ogilvy)

Photos from the day

Photos by Carly Gough & Justin Pondexter