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New Memorial Stadium Policies in Place for 2011 Season

Aug. 23, 2011

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New Policy – Backpacks Backpacks/large bags that are larger than 12 inches wide x 12 inches tall x 12 inches deep are not allowed in Memorial Stadium or any athletic venue.

These items will not be checked at the gates. They must be returned to a vehicle.

All backpacks within this restriction will be searched.

New Policy – Chair Backs Chair backs with arms, or chair backs with large pockets, or chair backs larger than 17 inches wide are not allowed in Memorial Stadium.

Chair backs will not be checked at the gates. They must be returned to a vehicle.

New Policy – Golf Carts/Mopeds/Motorcycles A yearly “GOLF CART” pass will remain in place, but with much tighter control upon distribution. The “GOLF CART” pass is for official game day functions only. The name of the person/department/function will be written on the pass.

A cart without a “GOLF CART” pass will be stopped at the inner-perimeter intersections of the stadium and turned away. Unauthorized golf carts will not be allowed to park around the stadium but must return to their original location. The key perimeter intersections (6) are manned to prevent any unauthorized vehicles access to the inner streets/roads around Memorial Stadium.

New Policy – Re-Selling of Tickets Around Memorial Stadium Individuals are encouraged to be 200 feet from Memorial Stadium in order to re-sell game tickets. Tickets cannot be re-sold for more than $1 over face value.

STROLLERS will be claim-checked at the gates, not allowed in the seated areas.