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Maye’s Message – “Activate Greatness”

Maye’s Message – “Activate Greatness”

By Brian Hennessy // Athletic Communications

He’s only 25 but speaks like someone who has knowledge that knows no bounds. Brandon Maye, an intense, passionate linebacker for the Tigers from 2007-10, spoke to the team over the summer. His message – “activate greatness.”

“There’s going to be some disappointments in your life and things you were banking on happening that just didn’t happen,” said Maye about his football career. “I had to make a decision to die with the NFL dream or get back up fighting.

“Champions respond with desperation when adversity strikes because they know their purpose.”

“What an awesome job Brandon Maye did speaking to our football team,” said Head Coach Dabo Swinney. “It’s a message everyone should hear, not just football teams. He talks about activating greatness in your life and has some great points on how to do that. I know our players got a lot out of it and I got a lot out of it.”

As the Tigers look to rebound from a pair of tough early-season setbacks to top-12 teams on the road, Maye’s message of activating greatness and responding to adversity continues to resonate this week.