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Kyle Young’s Answers During’s Q&A Interview

July 11, 2001

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Clemson center Kyle Young took time out of his summer schedule to sit down with to participate in a Q&A. Below is the audio of Young’s interview as well as the questions that were answered during the Q&A. would like to thank Kyle for answering the questions and the ACC football fans for submitting them. Q&A
Kyle Young’s Answers

Jim – Clemson, SC How do you feel about Clemson’s preseason rankings in the ACC and in the nation?

Jordan – Norcross, Ga. What is your outlook on the upcoming season for the tigers? What do you think the Tigers record will be? Good luck in the future.

Grey – Atlanta, Ga. It seems last year in key games like Ga. Tech, we did not pressure the QB enough. Personally, I think we should have blitzed every obvious passing down the opponents had. We all know that this year’s Tiger offense is going to be one of the best that Clemson has ever seen, but what do you think the defense has to do to take charge of the game and solidify our chances of winning after the offense puts up the points? Good luck and open those holes big for Woody!

Russ – Charleston, SC How do you feel about the offense this year? Do you think it will be a lot more spread with the new ends playing this year? Thanks for the hard work on and off the field. You are a true Clemson champ.

Jason – Hampton, Va. How will your blocking scheme change and will you run different plays now that you have a big tight end like Todd McClinton?

Jon – Hoboken, NJ How do you think the level of ACC competition compares to the SEC?

Jeff – Tallahassee, Fla. I know growing up in Clemson you were exposed to great college football as well as high school football. Can you talk about some of the people you played sports with/against at R.C. Edwards and Daniel High School that have gone on to play college football? Also, I notice that you have great feet for a lineman, did you ever play basketball?

Darrell – Greenwood, SC Congratulations on your academic and athletic successes. What do you like most about playing in Death Valley?

Deric – Kennessaw, Ga. I see you’ve made a lot of academic accomplishments at Clemson, and now you’re in grad school. How do you manage you’re time between football and school to be so successful at both?

Walter – Vienna, Va. Kyle, congratulations first of all on all that you have accomplished on and off the field at Clemson. My question…who is the toughest defensive linemen you have faced in your career at Clemson?

Michael – Raleigh, NC What are the biggest changes you have seen or think you will see without Coach Rodriguez as Offensive Coordinator? Will the overall offensive scheme be the same? Which game do you see as the most difficult in regards to the offensive line and blocking assignments? Good luck this season.