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Kent State vs. Clemson Quotes

Kent State vs. Clemson Quotes


On Clemson’s performance:“I told the team that I’ve been around the game of football for a long time, but I can’t remember a cleaner performance in an opening game than the one I saw today. I’m just really proud of how the team showed up and played today. It was a complete performance. We played really well from start to finish. The best part was that we played 91 guys, and they all continued to play well throughout the entire game.”

On the significance of starting the season off with a win:“The players put in a lot of work and preparation leading up to this, and it paid off. Outside of a couple of plays here and there, it was a all-around dominant performance. To see Kelly Bryant set the record for total offense by a player in an opener when he didn’t even play in the fourth quarter was impressive. It was a fun game for the team coming off of a long camp. It was something that we can really build off of.”

On the atmosphere in Death Valley:“I really appreciate our fans. What a great crowd. Our fans show up, and our players really feed off of that. It doesn’t matter what game it is…the fans always show up and support us. I just appreciate their efforts to get here and give us a great atmosphere today.”

On the consistency shown by the Tigers from start to finish:“That takes buying in. It also takes leadership and pride in your performance. And that’s what I love about this group. They take pride in everything that they do and give it their all on every play. So my hat goes off to our staff for doing a great job today, and it also goes off to the players for buying in like they did. We had a mindset to attack from the opening play, and we did just that. Of course, it’s a long season, but this was a great way to start it off.”


DEON CAIN, Wide ReceiverOn the new offense:“It was great. From the first team to the second team, everyone was playing fast, and at the end of the day I was proud of everyone. With each drive, everyone got some more confidence, and once everyone gets that confidence, from the first play, to the second play, it just starts rolling after that.”

On questions of offensive success:“We were extremely eager to show off what we have been working on. Our offense is just very misunderstood, and we just wanted to come out and prove a lot of people wrong, and we did. We are a group of our own, we have a great game to build off of, and we are just going to keep going.”

KELLY BRYANT, QuarterbackOn having running backs that can take the pressure off:“It’s good. We’ve been saying we have so much depth in the offense. To see those guys out there and have everybody score from the running backs…it was good to see everyone get in there and really get the job done.”

On preparing for tougher competition:“I’m definitely going to watch film. Everything wasn’t as clear as day out there. We have to find ways to get better, not be complacent, and keep striving and keep working. This is our time and it’s time for us to go out there and get it.”

On his first possession:  “It just felt good to get those first few contact plays out of the way, and you know we are settling in getting the first touchdown, and we are ready to play. I loved airing out the long pass to Deon [Cain], of course, because when one player has confidence, it rubs off.”

TANNER MUSE, SafetyOn how defense adjusted:“Very well. That’s one of the things with the first game…just not knowing what they’re going to do. The adjustments we made on the sidelines were spot on, and I think it showed.”

When asked whether he frustrated about the run game, considering he is a DB:“No, because we always think run first, pass second. It’s one of our keys. I enjoy the run fit. I get to make tackles being in there in the box, and that’s a lot of fun.”

What he gains from the run game:“Just your reads…knowing your reads, and showing the coaches you are confident in what you’re doing. As long as you’re on your reads, you’re good, and as long as you make plays you’re good.”

On how excited is he to focus on Auburn:“Excited. We are going to start from scratch tomorrow, and we respected [Kent State], so we didn’t look ahead. I’m excited about it and ready to go.”

When asked was he nervous about making his first start:“No. I always prepare myself. I enjoyed it. Looking up and seeing my parents…it’s always a blessing to see them in there because they give me the confidence to do what I do.”