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John Leake Chat Wrap

John Leake Chat Wrap

Oct. 29, 2001

John Leake: (11:28 AM ET ) Hey everyone, this is John. I’m here and ready to take your questions.

RAMON/PUERTO RICO: WHAT’S UP JOHN?BIG GAME THIS WEEK WITH FSU.WHAT WILL CLEMSON NEED TO DO DEFENSIVELY TO CONTAIN THE FSU HIGH POWERED OFFENSE? John Leake: (11:29 AM ET ) We need everybody to fly to the ball and everybody to do their assignments and just give 110%. Matt Mundy, Abbeville SC: What was the deciding factor for you to come to Clemson? John Leake: (11:30 AM ET ) The first thing was that Clemson has a great coaching staff which impressed me. Second would be the academics here at Clemson, and third and most important would be that my mom and dad wanted here. Patty (Atlanta): John, Boxers or briefs? Go Tigers! John Leake: (11:31 AM ET ) Boxers. Tesa (Huntington, WV): John, who is your role model on the team? John Leake: (11:32 AM ET ) I have two role models on the team. One is Chad Carson, becuase of the way he carries himself on and off the field. Second would be Woody Dantzler for the same reasons, and he is strong about his beleifs and will always say what needs to be said. Jonathan: John, great job this year. I want to know what you enjoy the most about playing Death Valley on Saturday’s? John Leake: (11:34 AM ET ) Probably the fans and the emotion you get when you are on the field in front of a packed house. Rubbing the rock and running down The Hill is a great thrill and one of the most unique and exciting things in college football. Anthony Eichenlaub: I played against you in High school, is the competition alot harder in college? John Leake: (11:36 AM ET ) Yes, it is exceptionally harder. There is a lot more emotion and practice is a lot more intense. At least I got the best high school preparation possible at Plano East. I wouldn’t have been as prepared if I had gone to Plano Senior High. Just kidding around. Thanks for keeping up. Jodi (Clemson): Hey John, ever since you have become a big time football player, you have become too cool for the people you use to hang out with in the summer…why is that?? John Leake: (11:37 AM ET ) I’m not too cool to hang out with you, I just can’t seem to squeeze any time in with your busy schedule with Carson. Rev Dodd: Hey John: What’s the hardest part of learning the Star position? Take care and heal up for Saturday! John Leake: (11:39 AM ET ) Well, it has been changed to a will linebacker, but the hardest thing is to understand all the calls. There are a ton. Boston MA: With all prayers out to the Mance family, will we see him in action on Sat against FSU? Additionally, being from Big 12 country, are you happy with your descison to come to CU. John Leake: (11:40 AM ET ) Yes, Brian will be playing against FSU. My decision to go to Clemson couldn’t have been better. This is an unbeleivable place. Cleveland OH: You have those Linebacker eyes. Will we see a more possessed Leake on Sat against FSU? How is that ankle? John Leake: (11:40 AM ET ) The ankle will be fine. Expect me to be more intense than ever before and out of control in a good way. Clemson, SC: John, I’ve heard amazing things about your athletic ability. How much exactly can you bench press and what is your verticle jump? John Leake: (11:42 AM ET ) I can bench press 405 pounds and I have a 42 inch verticle. I expect to improve, though, this summer. Gonzo: What do you like most, and Least about Reggie Herring, He was very intense as a linebacker here at FSU John Leake: (11:44 AM ET ) The best thing about Coach Herring is his intensity and he’ll always get the most out of a player by the time he leaves. The least would be that I don’t get to see him enough off the field. He always makes us laugh. STERLING, Atlanta: Who do you look forward to playing the most, the remainder of the season? John Leake: (11:47 AM ET ) We play three top 25 teams in the next three weeks, so take your pick. chris(lake city): do you know what is david dunham and eric sampson are really like.are they good or just young.what do you think their role will be iin the furure

John Leake: (11:49 AM ET ) David and Eric are both very intense. Plan on seeing them in the future as stars on defense.

CuTigerFan: John – what has been your most memorable moment as a Tiger player over the last two years? John Leake: (11:51 AM ET ) Beating Georgia Tech in such an exciting game would probably be the most memorable moment so far. But, I can’t forget about the South Carolina game last year. Plano, Texas: How was those cookies I baked you and who does more for your mom or dad, Ha, Ha John Leake: (11:53 AM ET ) The cookies were good, Mom. I’m too smart to fall for the second question, but if you really want to know….I’d say both. Walter: Been to Mac’s lately? John Leake: (11:54 AM ET ) I went to Mac’s last Thursday and I’ll be there again this Thursday eating my two double cheeseburgers with fries and my strawberry milkshake. Matthew Shealy (Newberry): Being from Texas, how does the Clemson-USC rivalry compare with others you know of in college? John Leake: (11:57 AM ET ) It is much like the Texas-OU game in that in that it will be a packed house no matter what. However, I would say intense since both schools are within the state boundaries. Silver Spring, MD: Do you guys look at the polls at all? Does it bother you that Clemson isn’t ranked in the AP Top 25? John Leake: (11:59 AM ET ) I won’t lie, yes. But it really isn’t a very big deal to me as long as we win. Stanton, Myrtle Beach: John, against Fla ST., what we the defense do to make them a one-dimensional team, take away the run or the pass?

John Leake: (12:01 PM ET ) Well, the best thing to do is to take away the run and the pass. They have very good athletes at every position, so it will be a challenge to the defense, no doubt.

Jovon: How did you get the nickname “the Freak”?? Keep playing hard and let’s finish nine and two!! John Leake: (12:02 PM ET ) I got the name “The Freak” from my brother, Mike Leake. Because of his play in high school and my high school coaches started calling me that becuase I played like my brother. Peter Gozinya: How is playing for a Bowden?? John Leake: (12:04 PM ET ) Playing for a Bowden is great. Not many players in college get to play for a Bowden. BD, Greensboro, NC: How tough is it to defend Woody in practice? He seems to not only break tackles, but be able to stop on a dime and reverse direction. John Leake: (12:09 PM ET ) It is extremely difficult to defend Woody. But, I really couldn’t tell you since we are not allowed to tackle the quarterback. According to all of our opponents, maybe we are lucky we don’t have to try to tackle him. Jeff, High Point, NC: As a Texan, were there any thoughts as to going to one of the Texas schools, like A&M or Texas? John Leake: (12:14 PM ET ) Well, I always followed the Texas schools. But, it just seemed like Clemson was the right fit for me. John Leake: (12:15 PM ET ) I have to run to class now. I appreciate all of your interest and look forward to seeing you (hearing you) in Death Valley on Saturday. -John “The Freak”