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Head Coach Tommy West Post-Game Quotes

September 28, 1998

“Our defense kept us in the game in the first half with the three turnovers, but our offense took us out of the game in the second half with the interceptions and fumbles. It is very frustrating trying to make something happen with this team.”

“We knew going into the game that Wake Forest knew we had to throw the ball to be successful, they were aware of our problems with the running game. We cannot keep making mistakes. We continually find ways to take ourselves out of games.”

“I thought we were going to win the game in the fourth quarter and we give the ball away on third and one from their 12-yard line.”

“We are not throwing the towel in on the season. I wish it was a case of players not playing hard but everyone is putting forth 100 percent effort. Turnovers are killing us, we have never been a team that the turns the ball over like this.”

“I need to be a leader, they need guidance. When you are winning they don’t need you, they don’t need the assistant coaches. But you have to be able to lead when things get tough. Right now I need to find a way to help this team.”

“You are asking the wrong person about my job security. I didn’t hire me and I am not going to be the person who fires me.”