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Sep 09, 2023

Hamp Greene | Putting In The Work

By: Harrison Miller

Note: The following appears in the Charleston Southern football gameday program.

From a very young age, Hamp Greene’s parents always emphasized the importance of discipline, accountability and work ethic. As a man of faith, these are values that he carries with himself every day, whether it be on or off the football field.

These values have made him the man he is today, so when Dabo Swinney awarded him a scholarship for his senior year, it meant the world to him.

“It left me speechless. When I heard the news, it felt like I watched all the hard work through the years go through my head. It is amazing to be recognized for your hard work, and I am grateful.”

Swinney had nothing but praise for Greene, noting that he is among the most respected players on the team.

“He is a guy who is incredibly well respected and one of the best leaders on the team. You can ask anyone on the team. The players wanted to see him rewarded for his efforts. I’m really happy for him. He’s a great student with an incredible attitude and great spirit.”

Originally from the Birmingham, Ala. area, he first visited Clemson as a sophomore at Mountain Brook High School. Even before arriving on campus, he knew the impact Clemson could have on him as a player, but he was genuinely amazed by how much more it had to offer.

“What I did not realize was the off-the-field development that takes place here. It’s amazing how Coach Swinney incorporates the gospel into the program. As a man of faith, that really drew me to Clemson. Obviously, I knew I would grow my skills to become the best football player I could be, but even more important to me was becoming the best man I could be.”

Greene was able to get his feet wet during his redshirt season in 2019. He believes that being around the 2019 squad that made a run to the national championship game was one of the best experiences he has had at Clemson. A big reason for that was the team chemistry, and he believes this year’s team has a lot of similarities.

“What I feel now with this team is the same chemistry, love and unity that the 2019 team had.”

Greene has become one of the 2023 team’s essential leaders. While the 2019 group showed him the importance of leadership, his microinternship experience with First Rate in England last spring helped reinforce that this value goes beyond football alone.

“I learned a lot of great things about finance and culture in general. A lot of companies can rise and fall based on leadership and culture, and that’s something that can be applied anywhere, whether it be business or football.”

As a senior, Greene has allowed himself to reflect on his time in Tigertown. In just a few years, it has become a very special place to him for various reasons.

“Some of the things I love most are the little things…the conversations that go on in “Paw Bistro” while we are eating and developing relationships. There are a lot of great people at Clemson. Embracing Clemson as a whole and all that it offers has made me enjoy it the most.”

When asked if there is anything he would tell a freshman version of himself, his message was a simple one that can serve as valuable advice to any player.

“Trust the process and have patience…know that all things work together for the good of those who love God…play, live, act and lead all without fear.”

Greene holds high expectations for himself and the team for this season. Personally, his goal is to “empty the tank” and give his all for the 2023 team.

His overall outlook is clear.

“The goal is to win a national championship, plain and simple.”