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Frequent Feedback With Answers

Frequent Feedback With Answers

As stated often by director of athletics Dan Radakovich, the Clemson athletic department’s goal is to continually build upon the best gameday experience in the nation. To that end, we asked fans to submit their suggestions and ideas via

Since a few common themes arrived following the first game, we’ve put together this “frequent feedback” document to highlight some areas as we move to Week No. 2. Additional information can be found at our Gameday Guide page, located at the top of

Thank you to all who have submitted comments, and we look forward to making your experience even better next weekend.


Why were there so few concession stands open in the South upper level?

Unfortunately, our concession partner, Aramark, was understaffed, as a non-profit organization scheduled to work the game did not show up. Aramark scrambled to fill the holes left, but could not cover all the positions in the South upper level. We will work with Aramark to ensure this does not happen again, and every concession and novelty stand will be open the remainder of the season. If you or anyone you know works with a non-profit and wants to work on a gameday, please contact Aramark by emailing or calling 864-656-1169.


Students in the upper level did not know where they were supposed to be sitting.

While most of the feedback from students to the new student distribution method developed by undergraduate and graduate student governments has been positive, there are certainly a few things we can do to make things even smoother. One issue we will have corrected by this weekend was the lack of direction to students in the upper decks. While there is student seating in every section of the South upper level, not all rows are available for students. We will make sure those student areas are visibly marked and we will have additional game staff and ushers in the area to help students find the correct seats.


Why weren’t all the gates open with the lines so long at Gate 1 entering the game?

This was another staffing issue that we will have resolved for this week. We do have 32 gates and scanners at Gate 1 and feel confident we can get everyone into the stadium in a timely manner when all are open and operational.


Why aren’t their more trash cans at entrances?

Sadly, several of our trash receptacles located just outside of gates were taken prior to gates opening. This week, we will keep them inside the stadium until the gates open. Hopefully, this will result in more trash cans located outside the gates, easing movement once inside the game.


Why wasn’t the Clemson Beach parking area taking cash?

The Clemson Beach parking area is operated by Clemson Campus Recreation, and they will be taking cash the remainder of the season. Additionally, they will open up another incoming lane to get traffic off of Highway 93. Fans planning to park in the area are encouraged to purchase a permit in advance by clicking HERE.