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Football Simulates Game Day Conditions

Aug. 27, 1999

CLEMSON, SC – Clemson held a “Beanie Bowl” practice that started late Friday afternoon and ended during the early evening to simulate game day conditions in Memorial Stadium in preparation for next Saturdays season opener versus Marshall.

The Tigers were on the field for nearly three hours in what could be described as a game day dress rehearsal. Crowd noise and the stadium lights were used to give the practice a game day feel. The scoreboards and PawVision were also used. However, the team did not run down the hill.

The “Beanie Bowl” is designed to allow starters to go through every possible situation in a game against the scout team. Players were allowed to hit each other, but not bring the opposition to the ground.

“We worked on substitutions, on-side kicks, blocked kicks, after a safety, everything that would hopefully come up in a game,” said head coach Tommy Bowden.

“We as coaches really needed the crowd noise played in because on game days we will not be able to yell corrections to the players like we are accustomed to.”

There were no injuries during Fridays practice to report. Offensive tackle Nathan Gillespie did have surgery on Friday to repair a torn ligament in his knee. Gillespie is out for the season.

Clemson will continue preparation for the Marshall game with a Saturday practice that will begin at 10 a.m.