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Football Completes Ironman Strength & Conditioning Classic

April 26, 1999

CLEMSON, S.C. – The Clemson football team’s 10 senior captains drafted teammates and competed in a series of strength and agility exercises that comprised the Ironman Classic last week.

The Ironman Classic, a part of the team’s off-season conditioning program, consisted of five different events. The events included: the bench press, squat, clean-squat-press, iron cross, and an obstacle course.

Sophomore Henry Owen won the overall individual championship. Owen won the iron cross competition and finished among the top-five in the bench press and squat exercises.

Other event winners included senior Damonte McKenzie, who won the bench press portion and sophomore Kyle Young, who won the squat. Sophomore Matt Bailey won the clean-squat-press while freshman Eugene Koon won the obstacle course.

Senior Dextra Polite’s team, named the Giants, won the team competition. Polite’s team had five of its 10 members finish among the top-20 in the overall individual competition. Redshirt freshmen Gary Johnson and Nick Eason led the way with second and fourth place finishes. Sophmore Vince Ciurciu was 11th, while Polite and sophomore Waymon White tied for 18th.

McKenzie’s Cowboys finished second with four of its members finishing 16th or higher in the individual portion.