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Deadline for Season Ticket Renewals is May 6 at Midnight

Deadline for Season Ticket Renewals is May 6 at Midnight

With the May 6 deadline for season ticket and parking applications quickly approaching, the Clemson Athletic Ticket Office would like to remind all IPTAY members that applications have been mailed and are available online at Those who order online can save on the order fee as well as be entered into the weekly drawings for a Clemson sideline hat and entered into the grand prize drawing for two Georgia tickets.

The Season Ticket and Parking Assignment ProcessSeason ticket and parking applications are mailed to every IPTAY member who has pledged and donated for the 2013 IPTAY year. The Clemson Athletic Ticket Office processes applications until the May 6 deadline. All requests for ticket and parking relocations and additions/drops are processed with each order. The best way to attempt to obtain seats or parking in a particular area is to make the request on the season ticket application.

The season ticket assignment process begins in early June. At this time, all IPTAY members who wish to remain in their current seats are reallocated as long as the current IPTAY donation matches or exceeds the seat equity value of the seats. Seat changes and additions are done based on IPTAY priority, that is, by giving level and priority points within each level from high to low, starting with the highest level and working downward. During this extensive process, every request is read and seat changes, as requested, are accommodated if the seats are available. Requests should be made prior to the May 6 deadline. It is critical to keep in mind that not every request can be accommodated. Every request is valued for the needs and expectations expressed and all are considered, however, the Athletic Ticket Office and IPTAY have a system in place that makes the process as fair as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that since the implementation of the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan, the majority of seats in Memorial Stadium have a minimum per seat IPTAY donation attached to them. A request for a seat change into an area of greater per seat donation can only be granted, if available, to those IPTAY members that qualify based on their current donation. There are two critical things to remember regarding seat allocations and the Seat Equity Plan; first, many IPTAY members contribute more than what the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan requires to maintain their seats, and second, the number of IPTAY members that qualify for what many consider better or superior seats greatly outnumber the supply of seats in those particular areas.

Parking assignments begin at the same time as season ticket assignments in early June. Parking is assigned in the same manner of priority, and assigned based on availability and the request at each priority level. The most significant difference is that all parking is reassigned annually; maintaining a certain IPTAY level doesn’t guarantee a previous year’s assignment. Parking requests should be made prior to the May 6 deadline.

Please contact the Clemson Athletic Ticket Office at or by calling 1-800-CLEMSON with any questions regarding season ticket applications.