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Oct. 20, 2007

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Clemson vs. Central Michigan, 10/20/07

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden quotes from radio

On CMU’s start to the game:

“I thought they (Central Michigan) did a great job and really came out to try and make a pretty good statement. They game out and drove right down the field and scored on the first drive. We did a nice job responding, though.”

On the offense:

“We really benefitted form the extra week. We were able to spread the ball around and they had a hard time staying with our skill guys. I was impressed with the execution and the coaches did a great job preparing for the game.”

On the running game:

“I think we’ve been half and half so far this year. We’ve run really well a couple times and struggled at times. Today, we got over 300 yards. It’s helped that we’ve been throwing the ball down the field well, and that has opened some things up. The running game is a different mentality and I thought we did a nice job today.”

On the Offensive Line:

“I thought we did a nice job today showing a bit of a mean streak and covering up, especially on that run by Sadat (chambers) where he was able to get into the second level.”

On third down conversions:

“I think they are extremely important. Their Quarterback is a good player. Coach Koenning did a nice job with a scheme and we were able to get off the field.”

On kick coverage:

“I think we’ll be challenged every week, and we’re trying to improve every week, and I think we did a nice job today, considering the number of kickoffs we had. We did a good job overall on special teams today. You can get into trouble if you don’t take care of special teams.”

On Jacoby Ford’s 82 yard kickoff return:

“He (Ford) either got tired or the other guy is real fast. He found a seam and it’s nice when you can spit a guy out like that for a big run.”

CMU Head Coach Butch Jones

On the first half:

“Well I think the big thing was it was 14-7 with eight minutes to go in the second quarter and offensively on our next three possessions we had three holding penalties and I think we were not able to continue our tempo and rhythm on offense. Anytime you get a holding penalty, it sets you back and I thought that hurts us in the first half. We gave up the score right before half, so I think those were the things that hurt us in the first half.”

On defense:

“Well I think anytime you leave your defense on the field for an extended period of time you see what happens. You see the results. You know Clemson came in trying to establish a run game and they did. I thought they did a good job up front. Their backs are two talented backs that run extremely hard so obviously football comes down to blocking and tackling and being able to stop the run. We also struggled on third downs. We work so hard to stay on schedule and then you get a team on third down and can’t get them off the field. I thought that hurt us as well.”

On the rest of the season:

“We’ve got four games left and every single game is important. They know what’s at stake. They’ve been in the stretch run before. You know, this one will hurt but then you let it go and come back on Monday and get ready for Kent State. All of our goals that we set forth at the beginning of the season are still intact. That’s what we’ve got to keep our eyes on. We’ve