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Announce Announces The Football Plays Of The Century

Nov. 19, 1999

CLEMSON, S.C. — To commemorate the millennium,, Clemson’s official athletic site, presented Plays of the Century. Beginning in August, fans had the opportunity to view the greatest Clemson Football moments throughout history and then cast their ballot on line for their ten favorite plays.

The millennium promotion, “Plays of the Century,” was a successful program, totaling over 3,000 votes. The promotion ran close with votes evenly distributed throughout the menu of plays, but despite the tight race, Perry Tuttle’s touchdown reception in the 1982 Orange Bowl holds the title for the Clemson Play of the Century, with over 250 votes. Tuttle’s Play of the Century led Clemson to a 22-15 victory over Nebraska and the national championship.

The top five “Plays of the Century” in Clemson football history are as follows:

1. Perry Tuttle’s touchdown reception in the 1982 Orange Bowl (254 votes).

2. Terry Allen’s 73-yard touchdown run against Florida State in 1989 (234).

3. David Treadwell’s 46-yard game winning field goal against Georgia in 1986 as time runs out (215).

4. Wayne Simmons’ 73-yard interception return for a touchdown against Florida State in 1989 (196 votes).

5. Steve Fuller to Jerry Butler for a 20-yard game winning touchdown in 1977 (169 votes).