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Clemson-Wake Forest Photo Gallery

Clemson-Wake Forest Photo Gallery

Oct. 21, 2002

Clemson-Wake Forest Photo Gallery10/19/02Pictures courtesy of David Kalk, photo editor of The TigerClick on Image for Larger Picture.
Nick Eason and John Leake combine for the tackle.

Derrick Hamilton breaks free in the open field Yusef Kellylooks for room to run. J.J. McKelvey is up-ended

Eric Meekins and Brian Mance make the stop in the secondary.

Clemson celebrates after its touchdown right before halftime.

Aaron Hunt adds the extra point.

Kelvin Morris makes the tackle on the sideline.

Bernard Rambert protects the ball.

Willie Simmons weaves through the Wake defense.

Jeff Scott picks up a crucial first down on the fake field goal.

Simmons was all smiles after a touchdown.