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Clemson vs. TCU Football Game Day Information

Sept. 24, 2009

As you make your way to Clemson this Saturday for the 3:30 PM kickoff against the Horned Frogs of TCU, please take a few minutes to review the following information:

PARKING AND TRAFFIC 1.) Incoming traffic for a 3:30 PM game is typically steady throughout the day which should give everyone plenty of time to get into the Clemson area and into their designated parking lots.

2.) Postgame traffic can be a challenge as everyone leaves at the same time so please be patient and courteous while following directions from law enforcement and state highway patrol.

3.) Due to heavy rain during last Saturday’s game versus Boston College and even heavier rain during the first part of this week; many of our grass parking lots were flooded. Some parts of various parking lots may be roped off to avoid damage to university property and to avoid vehicles getting stuck. Please follow the direction of your parking attendant as you enter your assigned lot.

4.) Due to muddy conditions parking attendants will have to be diligent as they park each individual vehicle so that efficient use of available space is accomplished. Please be courteous to your neighbor as you park and set up your tailgate as to not limit others from parking throughout the day. As a reminder, each parking space reserves a 9′ by 23′ foot area which for a typical vehicle allows for 5 feet of tailgate/picnic area behind each car. Tailgating tents may have to be placed over a portion of your vehicle to adhere to this policy and give EVERYBODY plenty of room to park.

5.) Loss of parking due to the flooding may cause some who have lot 4 placards to park beside the track complex (lot 14) and those with a lot 13 pass to be directed to the rowing center just beyond the fenced parking lot 13. These are just 2 examples of lots where adjustments may have to be made depending on the usable space in the lot. We appreciate your cooperation as we adjust to the ground conditions of our parking lots.

6.) Lot 1 will have the West (along Williamson Rd) and South (along Fike) sides roped off and restricted to TAILGATING ONLY inside the roped off areas as the wet ground will not support vehicle parking.

STADIUM INFORMATION 1.) Will Call for player parents, managers, trainers, high school coaches and non-football prospects is at Gate 13. Visiting team Will Call is at Gate 9 next to the IPTAY Center. Football recruits tickets are at the WestZone entrance. ALL OTHER TICKET PICKUPs can be done at the Main Ticket office at the IPTAY Center.

2.) These items are NOT allowed into the stadium: Backpacks, large bags (tote bags, garbage bags), folding chairs, thermos jugs, ice chests, alcohol, artificial noisemakers

3.) Umbrellas and strollers can be checked at the gate by event staff for post-game pickup

4.) These items WILL BE SEARCHED at an officer’s discretion: Purses, diaper bags, seat cushions, binoculars, cameras, cell phones and radios

5.) NO smoking inside the gates of Memorial Stadium; this includes suite level concourses

Tiger Walk will take place at approximately 1:25 PM in Lot 5 beneath the WestZone. Former football players are invited to lead the 2009 Tigers as they make their way to the WestZone.