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Clemson vs. South Carolina State Postgame Quotes

Clemson vs. South Carolina State Postgame Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney

On the depth of his team and overall defensive performance:“Today was a great day to develop the entire team.  I thought we had good focus where everyone played well and did their job.  I thought the second group was ready.  I told them no matter what, they’d be going in the third series…and they responded.  They were able to flex their muscles and show the depth we have.  Overall, we took care of business and outside of two plays, we had a very good defensive and special teams performance.” 

On the play of Cole Stoudt:“Cole came in and played great.  We weren’t planning on using him as early as we did, but he was just awesome.”

On the play of his defensive backs:“Both Darius (Robinson) and Martin (Jenkins) have fought through some adversity, so it was good to see them get rewarded.  The interception by Jenkins was good by itself, but that was a heck of a run after the catch.

“It was good to see the young guys get some playing time.  Now we have some tape that we can learn a lot from.”

On the fans at today’s game: “I just want to thank the fans, they were great and had good energy.  It was just awesome to see that support.”

On starting ACC play at NC State on Sept. 19:“They’ll challenge us.  We definitely need to perform better than we did two years ago when we went up there.  Our next goal is to win the division.”

Playing the week after a big game:“Yesterday’s touchdowns don’t count today.  I thought the team was in control was the start.  They had the mindset to make a statement, especially coming off an emotional win vs. UGA.”


Quarterback Cole Stoudt

On his performance:“I am happy about it. It was a good day. Tajh (Boyd) helped early. The team was there, they kept me in it, we got into groove and it was a good day.”

On difficulty to complete 95%, even 7 on 7:“We have been doing those plays all year and working together we all get in a rhythm and momentum with everyone. When you get in a groove out there, it all kind of comes with you. It was fun.”

Quarterback Tajh Boyd:

“He (Cole) had a really great performance. I was very excited to go out there and watch him play. Like I had said before on Roy Philpot’s show, he asked me about Cole and the other guys in the quarterback room, and I won’t retract my statement. I believe Cole can be a starter at any place in the ACC. I think he proved that today. He had a stellar performance, the all-time Clemson record with 95% completions and three touchdowns. I cannot speak more highly of the guy. He had an outstanding performance.”

Wide Receiver Germone Hopper

On his performance:“It was a really good day. I just took advantage of my opportunities when Coach told me to go in. He told me it would be a big day for me.”

On if he expected as many touches:“Not really. Coach told me before I went into the game I was going to get a lot of touches, and I was ready for them. “

On spring and fall camp:“In August, I just thought to myself I was going to be a critical part of this offense this year. Coach told me I had to step up and that’s what I did. I have been focusing hard and taking advantage of every opportunity I have been given.”

Defensive Back Darius Robinson

On defense setting the tone:“Pretty much we just came out with the attitude that this is a nameless, faceless opponent.  We just prepare every week as if every game is the big game.  We just had to stay focused.”

On his interception return:“We were in cover three and they tried to run slants and he (Quandon Christian) was in the window and he hit the ball, and I was just in the right place at the right time.”

On relationship with fellow cornerback Martin Jenkins:“It was really weird because we made the song (We Too Deep) together and we always talk and for some strange reason we were both up at 3 or 4 in the morning and he sent me a really long text about the game tomorrow.  It just really stood out that when we came out here today we just knew we were going to have a good game.”

Defensive Back Martin Jenkins

On his interception:“We were in the cover three and I just looked back and saw the ball coming.  I just saw a moment and wanted to capitalize on that moment.”

On returning from injury:“It feels amazing.  It’s by the grace of God that that happened.  I’ve been going through a lot of adversity lately and I’m still going through some.  I’m not fully where I need to be health-wise, but I’m working every day to get ultimately where I need to be.”

On defense setting the tone:“Yeah we kind of set the tone, but as a defense we have to.  That’s how I feel.  We have an amazing offense, they might not make every play or score every touchdown, but they were fighting.  They didn’t give up so we didn’t give up.  We work as a team.”

On improving as a defense:“Day by day, game by game we just try and improve.  That’s basically our motto.  We don’t try and do everything in one day and we don’t try and do everything in one game.  What you do mess up on, don’t make that mistake again and when you keep building on that, you get better and better as the season goes on and that’s really what we’re striving for.”