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Clemson vs. South Carolina Quotes

Clemson vs. South Carolina Quotes

Clemson vs. South Carolina

Nov. 29, 2014 * Memorial Stadium

Postgame Coaches’ Quotes


Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney

“This is what we talked about all week – be who you are. If you want it to change, change it. The guys had a great week of practice and I knew they were focused. I couldn’t be more proud of this team.


“I’m so happy for our team and staff. This was a great way to finish out the season. After we started 1-2, to go undefeated at home, break the streak against South Carolina and to get these seniors their 41st win, I couldn’t think of a better way to close out the season.


“With the exception of being in the College Football Playoff, you couldn’t script it any better. Offensively, we had 491 yards with zero sacks (allowed), and Deshaun Watson was unbelievable.


“Defensively, those guys played great. We stopped them on the goal line and short yardage. It was a great game for those defensive guys, too. It was just a tremendous performance from everyone.


“The fans deserve this win, so I hope they enjoy it. We’re going to enjoy it, too, and we can’t wait to get back at it next year.



South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier

Overall thoughts:

“I told the guys, ‘6-6 might be what we are.’ Clemson was better than us. They played better and they coached better. Give those guys credit, they are better than us. They are a better team than we are. Simple as that. Obviously, we could have some we lost and lost some we won. That’s where they are, and they’ll try to win the bowl.”


On guarding the pitch passes:

“We’ve given up some long ones before, but we didn’t stop those two shovel passes.”


On Thompson’s fumble:

“That was a careless play on his part. He said he didn’t feel the guy.”




Clemson vs. South Carolina

Nov. 29, 2014 * Memorial Stadium

Postgame Clemson Player Quotes


Artavis Scott, WR

On ending South Carolina’s series winning streak:

“It feels great. The seniors haven’t won and we wanted to send them out the right way. We knew we had to break that streak that was going on, and that was a great way to win it.”


On having Deshaun Watson back:

“It’s great to have him back. He looked better and he’s going to keep working.”


On the postgame celebrating in locker room:

“It’s crazy in there. It hasn’t happened in awhile. Coach (Dabo Swinney) always talks about the fun is in the winning, and that’s what we did today.”


Wayne Gallman, RB

On his performance:

“Really, just fundamentals in the run game. Just following my blocks and land the run.”


On the future of the offense:

“We were talking about it before the season started. We knew what we were coming in to. We’re ready for that.”


Vic Beasley, DE

On finishing his career in Death Valley with a win:

“It’s a great feeling. The fans deserve it and the team deserves it. We just put it all together today and we’re going to celebrate this special moment with the guys that we’re here with.”


On his forced fumble:

“It was definitely a big play. It was a big boost because the offense scored. It gave us a lot of momentum.”


DeShawn Williams, DT

On being a vocal leader:

“This right here…this meant so much to me. I played with a little chip on my shoulder.”


On the game winding down:

“I told everybody that I’m not happy until it hit 0:00. Anything can happen. That second half, it hit me. This is my last half at Memorial Stadium. Coach (Dan) Brooks told us to give it all we had the last 15 minutes, and we came out with a ‘W’.”