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Clemson vs. NC State postgame quotes

Clemson vs. NC State postgame quotes

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney

Overall thoughts:

“This was just a dominate performance. We talked about this being a momentum Saturday for us and I’m just so proud of them. They put all three phases together – offense, defense and special teams. Just really proud of our guys. Really proud of our defensive performance. Those three turnovers were huge.”

On the shutout:

“This was an extra-special win for me because this is my first shutout as a coach.

On the offense:

“Offensively, we just put it all together. Deshaun Watson was awesome again. Just amazing to see where he is right now after only five games into the season. Wayne Gallman played really well also. I’m proud of our offensive line. Our guys came out and really performed well. Just couldn’t be more proud of them. It was a complete game offensively, defensively and on special teams.”

On areas of improvement:

“There are still some things we can work on for next week, like penalties. This was the most penalties we’ve had all year. There are a lot of things we can learn from this game, but I’m proud of this team and the way they played today. I loved their spirit and competitive drive.”


NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren

Overall thoughts:

“Well, we played a really good team and they came out ready to play and we didn’t. We just didn’t execute. They ran a lot of the same plays we thought they were going to run, threw the ball over our head. We couldn’t protect our quarterback today. There were times where guys were open and he couldn’t see them. They did a really nice job with their pass rush. They played tight man-to-man coverage. Our players didn’t play as well as they needed to and obviously it’s my responsibility, it’s on me to prepare them better. We had the crowd noise every day in practice and I thought we had them prepared, but we didn’t.”

On Clemson’s defensive line:

“It’s impressive. No. 3 (Vic Beasley) is a quick twitch and long and plays hard. They’ve got really good DBs, so they can give them time to get there, too. They press you up with long safeties. They’ve got a good defense.”

On not being able to get a drive going:

“Third downs just in the first half were killer on both sides of the ball. We could never get any momentum. I think all offenses are the same. If you get a first down, then you can get some rhythm and we just could never get a first down. Clemson did a nice job today…my hat’s off to them. So we get ready for Boston College and move on.”


Postgame Player Quotes

Vic Beasley, DE

On the shutout:

“It means a lot to our team. Coach (Swinney) wanted us to really come out and play a complete game offensively, defensively and special teams and that’s what we did.”

On his touchdown and tying the sack record:

“It’s just a blessing to be here at Clemson University and just to be able to play with these guys. I can’t really explain it in words. I really cherish the moment of tying the record and I couldn’t do it a better way by scoring a touchdown.”

Deshaun Watson, QB

On his start as starting quarterback:

“It’s just great. All the guys are giving me all the trust and they believe in me and I’m just going out there as a QB.”

On transition of becoming a college quarterback:

“It’s a lot of work in the background. During the weeks, there is a lot of grinding and a lot of sweating.”

On expecting to have early success:

“My goals are to come out there and execute, put up numbers, put up points and put up wins. We’re fast-paced, so we’re putting up a lot of points. I’m just out there having fun.

Mike Williams, WR

On his connection with Deshaun Watson:

“Our connection is great. We are just trying to improve every week and come out here and give the team my best effort and play my best ball.”

On deep opportunities:

“Watching film, I saw a lot of opportunities for the deep ball because their cornerbacks don’t play physical. I just put it in my head that we are going to have a great game.”

On scoring on his birthday:

“I told Deshaun my present from him should just be throwing me two touchdowns and we did that.”