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Clemson Schedule Ranked Second in the Nation

Clemson Schedule Ranked Second in the Nation

Oct. 13, 2004

Clemson’s 2004 football schedule is ranked as the second most difficult in the nation to this point in the season according to the Sagarin Computer rankings. The Tigers have a schedule ranking of 81.60 so far this season according to the service, second to Oregon State’s 84.39. Clemson is far ahead of California, who is third at 78.72.

Three of the top 10 teams in the nation in terms of schedule difficulty are in the ACC. The others are North Carolina, fourth at 78.69 and Florida State, eighth at 77.44.

Clemson has just finished a three-game stretch in which it played at Texas A&M, at Florida State and at Virginia. All three schools are ranked in the top 25 of the latest AP poll, with Florida State and Virginia ranked in the top 10 of both polls. When Clemson played at Florida State and at Virginia in consecutive games it marked the first time since 1966 that Clemson had played consecutive games on the road against top 10 teams.

Clemson’s major sports have played a difficult schedule of late. Last year the Clemson men’s basketball schedule was ranked as the fourth most difficult in the nation by the Sagarin computer ranking with a 82.04 figure.

Sagarin Nation’s Most Difficult Football Schedule(Through games of October 9)

Rk Team Record Rank
1. Oregon State 1-4 84.39
2. Clemson 1-4 81.60
3. California 3-1 78.72
4. North Carolina 3-3 78.69
5. Brigham Young 2-4 78.64
6. Houston 1-5 77.82
7. Southern Cal 5-0 77.57
8. Florida State 4-1 77.44
9. SMU 1-5 76.81
10. New Mexico 2-4 76.61