Clemson Practice Brief

Aug. 5, 2008

Clemson, SC – For the second time in five practices, Clemson had a weather interruption, but the team came back to get in a full scheduled workout. The Tigers worked for two hours and 30 minutes on the practice fields behind the Jervey Athletic Center. The practice was to begin at 4:45 PM, but it was delayed until nearly 6:00 PM due to a severe thunderstorm that blew away 20 percent of the green wind screen on the periphery of the practice fields. Branches were down in areas surrounding the practice field due to winds the reached 60 miles per hour at one point.

Today was the first day of full pads for the Tigers and Head Coach Tommy Bowden was pleased to see his team work in full gear for the first time this preseason. “It was good to see the team in pads because you can start to see movement as far as positions and evaluation. The emotion was good today and the players were excited to be in full contact.

Bowden said some players had solid performances today. “Jamie Harper continues to impress. He is 230 pounds and is capable of moving the pile. Britton Whetsell, who might have had the best hit during middle drill.” Whetsell is a senior walk-on linebacker.

Bowden had his team go through a first-and-10 scrimmage for the last three five-minute periods. “I would like to see the defense dominate. Championship teams have dominate defense.

” We had a competition where the offense goes against the defense and the object for the offense is to gain 3.5 yards. If they don’t the defense gets a win. They go in five-play sets and the loser has to do up-downs.

“The defense won the first set by holding the offense under 3.5 yards in four of the first five plays. But, then the offense won the second set. So, we obviously have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball.”

Ricky Sapp had two tackles for loss within the first five plays. C.J. Spiller had the top offensive play with a 14-yard run.

Wide receiver Xavier Dye was limited due to a bruised shoulder.