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Clemson Practice Brief

Clemson Practice Brief

Aug. 24, 2002

Clemson, SC – Tommy Bowden held his second practice within a 12-hour period Saturday morning. The Tigers worked Friday night in Death Valley for two hours in a situational scrimamge, then concluded their preseason work on Saturday morning with a two hour workout at the practice fields from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

“We wanted to give the players who live near Clemson a chance to go home for the rest of the weekend,” said Bowden of the early morning practice. “It was a good workout, we got some things accomplished.” There will be a team meeting for upperclassmen on Sunday and the Tigers will return to the practice fields on Monday.

It must have been a good workout because Bowden did not make his team run at the end of practice, much to the delight of the team. When he blew the whistle suspending “fifths” there was much celebration. Nick Eason actually ran to the center of the team huddle, hugged Bowden and lifted him off the ground.

“We did not make them run because they have done a good job of conditioning in the offseason and the preseason. It was as much for what they had done in May, June and July. We are in good physical condition, we will be ready physically for Georgia. But, we need a lot of work this last week on the mental aspect of the game.”

Saturday’s practice concluded the preseason work for the Tigers. Monday will start game week preparation for eighth-ranked Georgia. “There was a lot of enthusiasm today. Nick Eason was back to practice 100 percent. He certainly is one of our team leaders, it was good to have him back.” Eason had tests for an irregular heart beat last weekend and had missed a week of practice. He has been given full clearance by team doctors.

Many of Clemson’s injured players returned to practice on Saturday. In fact, only freshman offensive lineman Dustin Fry was in a yellow jersey. He is recovering from a dislocated kneecap, an injury he suffered early in the preseason. He could return to practice this week however.

Chad Jasmin (pulled stomach muscle) and Derrick Hamilton (sprained ankle) were upgraded to a green jersey. They are not 100 percent yet, but should be able to play against Georgia. “I am worried about Derrick Hamilton,” said Bowden. “He has a high ankle sprain, which is difficult to come back from when you are a back or receiver. That is the injury that gave Woody (Dantzler) problems in 2000.”