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Clemson Player Quotes From Media Day

Aug. 8, 2004

Justin MillerOn 2003 season “Last season was a learning experience for me. A lot was expected of me. I think I gained some maturity from the season. I learned that things may not always happen like you think they should. I learned to keep my poise and work hard at all times. If you can do that you are going to have success.”

Mo Fountain “Last year we were at the bottom looking up. This year we are in the middle with some teams looking up at us. We have to create a hunger that will have us ready to play. This is my fourth year, but it will be my first, hopefully, as a starter. I will try to create a positive example for the younger guys. I know those guys watch everything the upperclassmen do. I want to lead by example and be a positive influence for the younger guys.”

“Last year’s success has created motivation heading into this year. With the preseason rankings we feel there is some respect for Clemson. We want to use the finish from last year and start with that same focus from the first game.”

Charlie WhitehurstOn preseason attention “It is fun. It is better than the alternative. You have to make sure you don’t think about those expectations too much. It is fun to think we are there now, but we are not. Every day you have to go to practice and get better. The leaders of our team will address it and make sure everyone knows what it takes to have success.”

(On cutting down interceptions) “I have watched a good deal of film from last season. There were a number of plays where I see an interception and wonder what the heck I was thinking. If I can cut down on those I will be happy.”

On confidence level of the team heading into the season “You are always optimistic going into a season. We are as confident as any team I have ever been on. It is fun to go to practice and compete against each other. There is a lot of competition. If we can carry that over into the season we are going to have some success.”