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Clemson Millionaire Quiz

Nov. 22, 2000

Compiled by Dr. Harold Vigodsky Clemson Athletics Chief Statistical GeniusThe South Carolina Game Program – November 18, 2000

$100South Carolina’s stadium is known as: A) Wilson-Brice B) Williams-Brown C) Williams-Brice D) Wilson-Brown

$200South Carolina’s colors are: A) Garnet & Black B) Garnet & White C) Black & White D) Orange & White

$300His 4th quarter TD catch clinched Clemson’s 31-21 win last year at South Carolina: A) Justin Watts B) Brian Wofford C) Rod Gardner D) Mal Lawyer

$500He set a Clemson record with 27 tackles in last year’s win in Columbia: A) Chad Carson B) Keith Adams C) Robert Carswell D) Braxton K. Williams

$1,000He made “The Catch” to give Clemson a 31-27 win at South Carolina in 1977: A) Dwight Clark B) Jerry Butler C) Perry Tuttle D) Rick Weddington

$2,000This offensive lineman caught a fumbled snap in mid-air and ran 12 yards for a TD in Clemson’s 35-10 win over South Carolina in 1966: A) Wayne Mass B) Larry Keys C) Wayne Mulligan D) Harry Olszewski

$4,000He ran for 189 yards to become Clemson’s first 1,000-yard rusher as the Tigers defeated the Gamecocks 23-12 in Columbia in 1967: A) Buddy Gore B) Ray Yauger C) Charlie Waters D) Hal Davis

$8,000He kicked the first 50+ yard field goal in Clemson history to help lead the Tigers to a 17-7 win at South Carolina in 1971: A) Don Barfield B) Jimmy Barnette C) Eddie Seigler D) Bob Burgess

$16,000His 24-yard field goal with 1:24 left in the game gave the Tigers a 20-17 win over South Carolina in 1962: A) Frank Pearce B) Lon Armstrong C) Rodney Rogers D) Harvey White

$32,000He intercepted 2 passes and made 17 tackles to lead the Tigers to a 27-6 win over the Gamecocks in the debut of the orange pants in 1980: A) Terry Kinard B) Willie Underwood C) Eddie Geathers D) Hollis Hall

$64,000He had 2 interceptions in the 3rd quarter and returned 1 for a TD to lead the Tigers over South Carolina 47-21 in Columbia in 1997: A) DoMarco Fox B) Dexter McCleon C) Michael Allen D) Antwan Edwards

$125,000He set a Clemson record by making tackles for loss on 4 consecutive plays in Clemson’s 32-0 win over the Gamecocks in 1928: A) O. K. Pressley B) Bob Jones C) Goat McMillan D) Maxcey Welch

$250,000He blocked a South Carolina punt that was recovered for a TD to lead Clemson to a 29-13 win in Columbia in 1981 on the way to the National Championship: A) Rod McSwain B) Johnny Rembert C) Andy Headen D) Anthony Rose

$500,000His block of a 4th quarter punt produced the winning TD as Clemson beat South Carolina 13-7 during the undefeated 1948 season: A) Frank Gillespie B) Phil Prince C) Ray Clanton D) Gene Moore

$1,000,000He picked up the blocked punt in the 1948 victory and returned it 11 yards for the winning TD: A) John Poulous B) Tom Salisbury C) Oscar Thompson D) Bob Martin

Answers $100 C $200 A $300 C $500 B $1,000 B $2,000 D $4,000 A $8,000 C $16,000 C $32,000 B $64,000 D $125,000 A $250,000 A $500,000 B $1,000,000 C