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Clemson Millionaire Quiz

Oct. 18, 2000

Compiled by Dr. Harold VigodskyThe Maryland Game Program – October 14, 2000

$100Maryland’s nickname is the: A) Cavaliers B) Terrapins C) Wildcats D) Bulldogs

$200Clemson defeated this team in the 1982 Orange Bowl to win the National Championship: A) Nebraska B) Ohio State C) Penn State D) West Virginia

$300He appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated following the 1982 Orange Bowl: A) Andy Headen B) Perry Tuttle C) Homer Jordan D) Jeff Davis

$500Clemson’s first home game to be televised was a 9-6 win in 1966 against: A) N.C. State B) North Carolina C) Maryland D) Duke

$1,000He was The Sporting News NFL Rookie-of-the-Year in 1979: A) Jerry Butler B) Steve Fuller C) Joe Bostic D) Dwight Clark

$2,000He holds the Clemson record for most yards passing in a game versus Maryland: A) Woodrow Dantzler B) Nealon Greene C) Patrick Sapp D) Brandon Streeter

$4,000Clemson and Maryland have played each other three times in: A) Baltimore B) Washington C) Richmond D) Charlotte

$8,000His 98-yard kickoff return for a TD helped Clemson defeat Maryland 18-17 in 1990: A) Dexter Davis B) Darnell Stephens C) Doug Thomas D) Arlington Nunn

$16,000He played longer in the NFL (12 years) than any other member of Clemson’s 1981 team: A) William Perry B) Jeff Bryant C) Johnny Rembert D) Kevin Mack

$32,000He coached Illinois when they were defeated 30-0 by the Tigers in the 1991 Hall of Fame Bowl: A) Al Groh B) Bobby Ross C) Steve Sloan D) John Mackovic

$64,000Only one of the following teams has ever defeated Clemson in Death Valley: A) Furman B) Presbyterian C) The Citadel D) Mississippi State

$125,000Clemson’s first home crowd of over 80,000 was in 1983 against: A) Maryland B) Georgia C) N.C. State D) Georgia Tech

$250,000He caught a 4th quarter TD pass from DeChane Cameron to give Clemson its 18-17 win over Maryland in 1990: A) Howard Hall B) Stacy Fields C) Rudy Harris D) Terry Smith

$500,000He holds the Clemson record for consecutive game throwing a touchdown pass: A) Bobby Gage B) Mark Fellers C) Mike Eppley D) Chris Morocco

$1,000,000Who scored a diving TD catch in 1959 to give Clemson a 6-0 victory for its first-ever win against Duke? A) Ed Bost B) Gary Barnes C) Tommy King D) Sam Anderson

Answers: $100 – B $200 – A $300 – B $500 – D $1,000 – A $2,000 – C $4,000 – A $8,000 – C $16,000 – B $32,000 – D $64,000 – B $125,000 – A $250,000 – C $500,000 – C $1,000,000 – A