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Clemson Millionaire Quiz

Oct. 31, 2000

Compiled by Dr. Harold VigodskyThe Georgia Tech Game Program – October 28, 2000

$100Which one of the following is NOT a Georgia Tech nickname? A) Engineers B) Yellow Jackets C) Ramblin Wreck D) Falcons

$200Georgia Tech plays its games at: A) Grant Field B) Sanford Stadium C) Turner Field D) Legion Field

$300He coached at both Clemson and Georgia Tech: A) John Heisman B) Jess Neely C) Josh Cody D) Red Parker

$500Clemson and Georgia Tech first played at Clemson in: A) 1968 B) 1974 C) 1977 D) 1981

$1,000Clemson and Georgia Tech have NOT played each other in: A) Augusta, GA B) Mobile, AL C) Greenville, SC D) Charlotte, NC

$2,000He had a 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown at Georgia Tech in 1959: A) Hal Davis B) George Usry C) Bill Mathis D) Charlie Horne

$4,000He is the only Clemson player to have 2 pass completions of 80 yards or more: A) Steve Fuller B) Willie Jordan C) Billy Hair D) Nealon Greene

$8,000He holds the Clemson record with 72 consecutive extra points made: A) Nelson Welch B) Chris Gardocki C) Obed Ariri D) David Treadwell

$16,000He was NOT selected to last year’s All-ACC second team: A) Dextra Polite B) Terry Jolly C) Kyle Young D) Rod Gardner

$32,000Clemson’s longest scoring drive of 1999 was 88 yards against: A) Virginia B) Maryland C) South Carolina D) Duke

$64,000He is Clemson’s career leader in passes broken up: A) Donnell Woolford B) Robert O’Neal C) Dexter Davis D) Antwan Edwards

$125,000He is the only Clemson receiver to catch at least 50 passes in a season twice: A) Perry Tuttle B) Terry Smith C) Tony Horne D) Terrance Roulhac

$250,000He scored Clemson’s only defensive TD last season: A) Chad Carson B) Terry Bryant C) Terry Jolly D) Alex Ardley

$500,000He was NOT selected ACC Player-of-the-Year during his Clemson career: A) Terry Kinard B) William Perry C) Jeff Davis D) Michael Dean Perry

$1 MillionHe holds the Clemson record for the longest pass completion by a non-quarterback: A) Ray Williams B) Banks McFadden C) Joel Wells D) Ricky Gilstrap

Answers: $100 – D $200 – A $300 – A $500 – B $1,000 – B $2,000 – C $4,000 – D $8,000 – B $16,000 – C $32,000 – B $64,000 – A $125,000 – A $250,000 – C $500,000 – A $1,000,000 – C