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Clemson Millionaire Quiz

Oct. 9, 2000

Compiled by Dr. Harold VigodskyThe NC State Game Program – October 7, 2000

$100N.C. State’s colors are: A) Red & Black B) Red & White C) Blue & White D) Blue & Gold

$200N.C. State’s football stadium is: A) Carter-Finley B) Groves C) Kenan D) Wallace Wade

$300Clemson and N.C. State first played each other in football in: A) 1899 B) 1906 C) 1921 D) 1953

$500His 75-yard punt return set up the winning TD in Clemson’s 7-3 win over N.C. State in 1977: A) Lester Brown B) Roy Eppes C) Jerry Butler D) Willie Jordan

$1,000His 90-yard punt return for a touchdown gave the Tigers a 6-0 win over N.C. State in 1948: A) Bobby Gage B) Billy Hair C) Jackie Calver D) Shad Bryant

$2,000His 20-yard field goal with 19 seconds left in the game gave Clemson a 19-17 win at N.C. State in 1997: A) David Richardson B) Jeff Sauve C) Matt Padgett D) Chris Campbell

$4,000His 94-yard interception return for a TD sealed Clemson’s 33-10 win at 18th-ranked N.C. State in 1978: A) Steve Ryan B) Rex Varn C) Eddie Geathers D) Willie Underwood

$8,000His 7-yard touchdown run with 53 seconds left in the game gave Clemson a 24-19 win at N.C. State in 1968: A) Buddy Gore B) Ray Yauger C) Pat Crain D) Billy Ammons

$16,000This former Clemson assistant coach graduated from N.C. State: A) Les Herrin B) Jimmye Laycock C) Chuck Reedy D) Darryl Moody

$32,000Clemson’s first ever home football game was against: A) Bingham B) Guilford C) Furman D) Davidson

$64,000Which one of the following Freshmen was not a defensive starter for Clemson’s 1988 Citrus Bowl champions: A) Levon Kirkland B) Rob Bodine C) Dexter Davis D) Ed McDaniel

$125,000He holds the Clemson record for most receiving yards in a bowl game: A) Brian Wofford B) Perry Tuttle C) Terry Smith D) Ray Williams

$250,000Which one of the following did not gain at least 100 yards rushing in Clemson’s 48-0 win at Virginia in 1982: A) Cliff Austin B) Jeff McCall C) Chuck McSwain D) Stacey Driver

$500,000Gary Barnes played for all but one of the following teams in his NFL career: A) Atlanta Falcons B) Chicago Bears C) Detroit Lions D) Green Bay Packers

$1 MillionHe holds the Clemson career record for consecutive games started at quarterback? A) Rodney Williams B) Nealon Greene C) Steve Fuller D) Tommy Kendrick

Answers: $100 – B $200 – A $300 – A $500 – D $1,000 – A $2,000 – C $4,000 – B $8,000 – B $16,000 – D $32,000 – A $64,000 – B $125,000 – A $250,000 – D $500,000 – C $1,000,000 – D