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Clemson Hosts ACC Media Tour

Clemson Hosts ACC Media Tour

Aug. 24, 2000

Read below to find out what coach Tommy Bowden and the players had to say to the media.

Head Coach Tommy Bowden on preseason setbacks: “The combination of injuries, suspension, guys leaving and medical – I’ve never seen. So there are a lot of things going on at the same time.”

Bowden on Adams: “He’s the heart and soul of the defense. He plays with enthusiasm and emotion. A lot of leaders aren’t vocal. He is. He’s one of the hardest hitting players – for his size – that I’ve seen. My first impression of him was speed. He bypasses everybody on both sides of the ball. A lot of people hit on the edges. Keith has the athletic ability to hit you in the middle, where it hopefully inflicts the most pain.”

LB Keith Adams on rubbing the rock: “The new display for the rock is very exciting, being part of the tradition that it’s come from California to Clemson, South Carolina. It has to be one of the most exciting things in college football. Getting off the bus, rubbing the rock and running down the Hill.”

Adams on the history of linebackers at Clemson, his size and outlook on the season: “It’s a great honor that I’ve been able to be part of the great linebacker tradition here… I try to use my speed to my advantage and try to get to the ball. It (height) doesn’t matter. It’s about heart and determination… Clemson football is back, definitely. We feel confident that we can beat Florida State.”

DT Jason Holloman on the defense: “We might not have depth at every position on this team but we need to stay consistent… We know what this defense is capable of doing and it’s been ranked in the top 25 before.”