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Clemson Heightens Security For Game

Clemson Heightens Security For Game

Sept. 19, 2001

CLEMSON – Increased security efforts resulting from last week’s terrorist attacks will change a few Clemson University football routines and traditions on Saturday.

For the rest of the season, backpacks, tote bags and other carryalls will not be allowed in the stadium. In fact, fans are discouraged from even bringing purses because any bag, including diaper bags, will be subject to search.

Once inside the football stadium, fans will not be allowed to exit and return. The change in the policy allowing “pass-outs” is initially for this Saturday only but may be extended.

“We understand that this changes a long-standing Clemson tradition, but we hope all of our fans will understand that this is necessary for security reasons,” said Bobby Robinson, director of athletics.

Bomb squad experts and bomb-sniffing dogs from the city of Anderson will be on hand to check the stadium and cars parked near it.

Everyone attending the game should have an official form of photo identification with them at all times.

Planes will be restricted from flying over the stadium, and there will be no through traffic on roads during the game.

“These measures are purely precautionary to ensure that everyone can come to the game and enjoy themselves,” said Mary Poore, associate vice president for municipal services.