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Clemson Football Practice Report: Day 19

Aug. 26, 2009

Video: Coach Swinney Post-Practice Interview

GALLERY (Photos by Rex Brown)

Clemson, SC – Clemson was back on the practice fields for a crisp two-hour practice on Wednesday afternoon. Head Coach Dabo Swinney was much happier with the performance of his team after a lethargic workout on Tuesday.

“‘We were much better today,” said Swinney. “I think we were ready to concentrate on someone else. We really focused on preparation for Middle Tennessee today and the team was ready for that. I saw more enthusiasm, and an attention to detail.

“We had a 22-period practiced planned today with the 22nd period serving as a conditioning run. But, I told the team I cancelled that last period because we had conditioned the entire practice. We went from one period to the next with great tempo.

“The defense was much better today. They were ready to play from the beginning of practice. They will be faced with a great challenge facing the four and five wide outs used by Middle Tennessee. They were ready for that challenge today.”

Brandon Clear was back in a regular jersey for the first time in nearly three weeks after suffering a cracked rib. Kyle Parker for the last week of so. He will be ready to go. He knows the offense.”

Swinney said kicker Richard Jackson would be the starter if Clemson played tomorrow. “Richard Jackson has had a good week of practice and Spencer Benton was out today with a pulled muscle. If we had to play tomorrow, Jackson would be the field goal kicker and Spencer would be the kickoff man if he was healthy.”

Brandon Ford was the only other scholarship player in a yellow jersey. He has a foot injury.