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Clemson Football Practice Continues

Aug. 17, 2000

CLEMSON, S.C. –Clemson continued its two-a-day sessions on the practice fields behind the Jervey Athletic Center. It was the fourth straight day of two-a-days for the team.

The squad will get a break from the two-a-day sessions on Friday, as Tommy Bowden announced a change in schedule. “We will watch film in the morning and then practice in the afternoon,” said Bowden. “They have earned the time off, they came back in good shape and have worked hard so far.

“We are also doing this because we have had so many two-a-days in a row. Normally that is not the case, but the way the schedule has fallen it makes sense to look at film in the morning, then practice in the afternoon”

Bowden also plans a Saturday morning scrimmage, which will be closed to the public.

The Tigers had some situational scrimmages on Thursday morning. “We ran some special situations, first and 18 from the 18, things like that. Tony Lazzara kicked well, hitting 4 of 5 and the one he missed was blocked. It was not his fault. The defense played well again. We practiced some red-zone situations also.” Freshman Aaron Hunt was held out of practice due to a “tired leg”. He is expected to be back at practice by Friday or Saturday.

Also missing the afternoon workouts were Justin Watts (knee), Kyle Young (foot), Neely Page (back), Rod Gardner (turf toe), Keith Kelly (hip flexor), Derrick Hamilton (hamstring) Chad Carson (back). Will Merritt also missed the practices on Thursday. He has been troubled by what is believed to be a virus. He is also undergoing some tests due to a slow resting heart beat. Preliminary tests have been negative. He hopes to be back at practice for Saturday’s scrimmage, pending the outcome of the tests.