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Clemson Football Game Program Feature: WestZone Construction Anniversary

Clemson Football Game Program Feature: WestZone Construction Anniversary

Nov. 6, 2007

Because of the tenacity and generosity of Clemson’s most faithful friends, Clemson Athletics has crossed the finish line with a never-before-seen play…successfully reaching its first-ever capital fundraising goal!

Three years ago during the South Carolina game in Death Valley, Clemson broke ground in what was to become the WestZone at Memorial Stadium…a physical testament to the caliber of Clemson’s total athletic program, and to the fans and family who love our Tigers.

At that groundbreaking, the University announced that it must raise $27 million for the facility – the first capital project for the athletic program – to come to fruition.

Three years and $28,046,624 later, the WestZone proudly stands at Memorial Stadium, a tribute to those who gave of themselves so our student-athletes and fans could experience true championship-level facilities.

Today, Clemson thanks those of you who contributed to this historic effort. By financially supporting this great infrastructure, you helped us raise the quality of our recruiting classes, boost our total sports program, assist in making the already-exciting gameday experience even more exciting, and helped Clemson achieve a milestone that will be heralded for generations to come.

For that, we thank you!