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Clemson Football Camp Report

August 18, 1998

CLEMSON, SC – Clemson held its final two-a-day workouts of the pre-fall camp on Tuesday. The Tigers practiced for just less than two hours in the morning and the afternoon.

The Tigers will have meetings and work with weights on Wednesday morning, then hold a scrimmage in Death Valley Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 PM. The scrimmage will be open to the public.

“We had a good day of work,” said West. “We got some players back who had been injured. Travis Zachery was back at practice and he should scrimmage on Wednesday. He gives us some added speed in the backfield.” Kicker David Richardson was also back at practice. Receivers Matt Bailey (pulled hamstring) and Brian Wofford (sprained foot) are still out with injuries.

West reported the Javis Austin missed some work on Tuesday due to a pulled hamstring, but he should be ready to go on Wednesday. Rahim Abdullah suffered a neck injury and had X-rays, which were negative. He had been involved in a colision with offensive lineman Corey Hulsey. Abdullah was in a green (limited contact) jersey on Tuesday afternoon.

West said he and the team are looking forward to scrimmaging in Death Valley, Clemson’s first appearance in Memorial Stadium this year.

“We are excited about playing in the stadium. We expect a lot when we play in the stadium. There won’t be any standing around when we are in that stadium. We take pride of playing there and that is something we have preached for four years.”

West commented on the secondary, one of the most improved areas of the Clemson team. “They have really covered the pass well. One of our goals in the preseason was to improve the deep ball on both sides of the ball. Thus we have worked hard on that area of the game and that has helped both sides of the ball.

“Antwan Edwards has had an outstanding camp. He has been consistent and is showing leadership. DoMarco Fox has also been very good in the secondary, as has Robert Carswell. There is some good competition at the other cornerback position (opposite Edwards) between Darrel Crutchfield and Alex Ardley.”