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Jun 25, 2020

Clemson Athletics Moves To Mobile-Only Ticketing in 2020

CLEMSON, S.C. – The Clemson Athletic Ticket Office is employing mobile-only ticketing beginning with the 2020 football season at Memorial Stadium. Digital ticketing allows fans greater convenience and safety, and can reduce the impacts of counterfeit tickets.

Fans will no longer receive a printed ticket booklet or have the option to print at home, and those that paid will be refunded the printing fee. All fans will receive their tickets via mobile delivery. Details for how to access the tickets will come at a later date.

In addition to being safer for fans by reducing contact at the gate, mobile ticketing offers fans more control in how they can access, transfer or return tickets. The move allows Clemson’s Ticket Office to more nimbly adapt to potential changes to stadium operations or schedule in the upcoming season. In 2019, nearly 20 percent of season tickets were delivered via mobile devices.

“We are excited about moving to mobile tickets in our stadium this year,” said Owen Godfrey, Associate AD for Ticket Operations. “This allows us to be flexible and offer a more safe and secure method to bring fans into the stadium. Our fans have experience with mobile tickets in the past, having attended several mobile-only postseason games in the past three years.”

Clemson continues to work with digital media partner WMT and ticketing partner Paciolan on the development of the mobile delivery service, to be rolled out closer to the season. Options for fans without mobile devices will be announced at a later date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With mobile ticketing, you are able to enter the stadium without the need for a physical ticket. The gate associate will scan your bar code, and you’re in! 

No, tickets cannot be printed via PDF. On game day, it works just like scanning your boarding pass at the airport – you’ll scan your phone at the entry.

Details on timing will be announced at a later date. In the past, mobile tickets have appeared with a barcode two weeks before each game.

We encourage you to download your tickets to your smartphone before heading to the game and store them in the wallet on your smartphone. If your tickets are on the mobile web browser, avoid clearing out your browser history until after the event. Detailed information on a step-by-step process, as well as a detailed instructional video will be available at a later date.

If you do not have a smartphone for any reason, you’ll need to visit the box office on game day. Please have a valid ID for the name of the account.

You’ll need to transfer a ticket to each member of your party. This allows you and your guest(s) to arrive at the venue at your own convenience. Once the ticket transfer offer has been sent to your guest(s), they will receive an email instructing them to accept the tickets and add it to their digital wallet. 

Yes. You can view all of your tickets by swiping left or right on your smartphone. We highly encourage you to transfer a ticket to each member of your party to allow for the easiest entry and access throughout the venue.

Information on how to transfer your tickets will be available at a later date.