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Clemson Adds New Video Booth to Memorial Stadium

Clemson Adds New Video Booth to Memorial Stadium

April 11, 2002

*Check out PHOTOS from the helicopter drop-in that took place in Death Valley on Thursday.

Clemson, SC – The Clemson Athletic Department installed a new booth atop the South upper deck in Memorial stadium today from which the Video Services Department will shoot coaches’ angle video on game days. The 10 x 12 booth was built by Southern Bleacher Company and airlifted by helicopter into the stadium by Aircrane.

The new booth will allow the Clemson Video Department a more vertical angle from which to shoot video. Clemson currently shoots their coaches’ angle video from the photo deck located between the lower and upper stands in Memorial Stadium. This shot has traditionally been one of the lowest or “flat” shoots in the ACC. While this flat shot is great for TV cameras who wish to be closer to the action on the field, the low angle does not provide the best possible shot for studying game tape.

This new location will provide the Clemson coaches with a better view of the game action. The higher the shot, the easier it is for coaches to see formations and movement. The same philosophy that applies to putting coaches high into a coaches’ booth on game day applies to video. The higher the shot, the better the tape is for a coach to view and teach his players.

The new booth will be used exclusively by the Clemson Video Department and the visiting teams Video Department. For more information on the Clemson Video Department visit their website at