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Clemson 38, Wofford 14

Sept. 8, 2001

Clemson Coach Tommy Bowden:

Thoughts on the game “I would have liked to shut them out but they got 14 points. If a team like that gets behind, they’re going to run the ball regardless, that’s kind of their style of offense. You’re always going to give up a lot of rushing yards because even if they’re down by 30, they’re going to run the ball.”

On Meekins’s fumble recovery for a touchdown on fourth and three “Any time you can score on defense like that, it really deflates the offense. They were backed up a little bit at fourth and three, but when you gamble like that, it’s one of the things that can happen. If I had been with Wofford playing Clemson at Clemson, the way the game was going, I probably would have gone for it.”

On whether or not there was improvement from last week “We have to go look at the film. It looks like there were missed tackles. We turned the ball over again. Woody’s [interceptions] were tips, Willy had one, but it was tipped, so we really only had one fumble. Defensively we got scored on but the biggest disappointment was the missed tackles.”

On the depth of the receiving corps “We just need a second team X. J.J. McKelvey has been practicing hard, he had a good preseason, he had a good spring and he had eight catches for 73 yards. Based on Rod Gardner’s experience here, that’s a pretty critical position for us and when Kevin Youngblood went down and Roscoe Crosby has gone down, we needed another guy to step up. It just makes you a little thinner. Jackie Robinson is probably the second-team X but he’s also the first-team Y.”