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Chat Wrap: Woody Dantzler And Terry Jolly

Chat Wrap: Woody Dantzler And Terry Jolly

Dec. 30, 2000

Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:11pm ET Hello fans and welcome to today’s chat with Clemson quarterback Terry Jolly.

Rhett from [], at 2:11pm ET Woody, will you throw more in the bowl game? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:11pm ET Woody Depends on what the defense does. Who knows? SpeedNailerSteve from [], at 2:11pm ET I get the feeling the “experts” are picking Virginia Tech with an easy win. How does that make you feeL? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:12pm ET Woody – Doesn’t make me feel either way. I like being the underdog. CUTIGER from [] at 2:12pm ET Woody, how will the loss of Rich affect the way the offense plays? and Terry how will the defense contain michael vick? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:15pm ET Woody Zero, we are still going to play hard and we are still going to execute.

Terry We are pretty much going to do what we did last year. Going to have the ends come up field. To contain a qb that runs a lot you have to send a lot of guys at him. We aren’t going to try to do anything real special.

MoJoPaw from [] at 2:15pm ET Terry,Do you think the Tigers can contain Vick and Stith? How focused does the team appear in Jacksonville? Go Tigers! Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:15pm ET Terry I think we can contain them. We need to have people in their assigned spots. Vick is not good without the tailback and the tailback isn’t that good without Vick. They need each other. metiger from [] at 2:16pm ET Woody….First thanks for a great year and the same to all Tigers. How is your ankle? Will you be able to play effectively? Good Luck on the operation. We’ll see you next year. Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:16pm ET Woody – It is fine and thanks for the encouragement. J Becker from [] at 2:17pm ET Terry is there any pressure on you since you lost the two best ends on the team? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:18pm ET Terry – I don’t think there is any pressure. We are playing our defense a little bit different. Kind of like FSU did last year. They do a lot of scoop blocking and the defense is designed for me to make a lot plays from the center because of the blocking formations that they use. Jerry from [], at 2:18pm ET How is the atmophere around the team right now… what is the team thinking Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:20pm ET Woody – It is a great atmosphere, besides the weather. The spirits of the team are high and we are ready to play.Terry – I kind of scared to go anywhere because of the bridges. It is real spread out. We even have guys onthe team from Jacksonville and they don’t knwo where to go. The team has a good attitude and I am looking forward to playing Virginia Tech. Jerry from [], at 2:21pm ET can you give us a hint toward the new plays that Tommy Bowden has spoken of? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:22pm ET Woody – You need to pay attention during the game. They hit quick that is about all I can say. Rhett from [], at 2:22pm ET Woody, in your answers to many questions, you seem to say that nothing bothers you or worries you. Does anything phase you at all? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:22pm ET Woody – Yeah, but I am not going to let anybody know. Clems-Son from [], at 2:23pm ET Terry, how was your christmas? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:24pm ET Terry – My Christmas was alright. I didn’t get any gifts. It was a regular day to me. I watched some of the college all-star game.Dave from [], at 2:24pm ET Hi guys – any plans for New Year’s Eve, or has Coach Bowden set a curfew? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:25pm ET Terry – Yes there is a curfew. There is a game the next day.Woody – We have nothing planned. Jeff from [], at 2:25pm ET Woody who has had the biggest influence on you? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:26pm ET Woody – Parents. They taught me right from wrong and taught me how to survive. They raised me right. n’awlins man from [], at 2:26pm ET do u feel the team growing closer as the season ends?Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:27pm ET Terry – Yes, but I think we were already close ever since summer. We have a lot of guys hang out together. All the winning made the team really close and trying to keep winning made the team really close. metiger from [] at 2:28pm ET Terry, Will we play eight in the box on defense? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:29pm ET Terry Never know. We are going to call our own plays on the field. We feel that our coverage, they never go three receivers or three wide. We feel that if iv Vick is going to keep the ball we are going to keep an extra man in the box. If he is going to pass we will drop someone into coverage. joey from [], at 2:30pm ET hey guys..thanx for bringing clemson football back!!!how far will a win in this games go towards establishing the program for the future. Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:30pm ET Woody Only the future can tell that, but it would be a great jump start. We haven’t had 10 wins in a while so I think it would be a great thing. Jeff from [], at 2:31pm ET Terry can we expect to see you in the backfield of VT on game day? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:31pm ET Terry Yep, where else are you going to see me? But seriously, I hope to be in there a lot. Clemson Rules from [] at 2:32pm ET For Terry – if you had your choice of NFL teams to play for, who would you choose and why? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:33pm ET Terry I really want to play for Tampa Bay. I like their style of defense. Most of the teams in the NFL usually read and attack. And Tampa Bay is rushing the passer every play. I like Tampa Bay, but they have Sapp down there. Jeff from [], at 2:33pm ET How about getting Justin into the endzone!! Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:34pm ET Woody – I was supposed to do it for him in the USC game. I will make sure I will do it for him in this game. Dave from [], at 2:34pm ET Woody, have you had much of a chance to talk to Coach O’Cain yet? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:35pm ET Woody – We have had plenty of time to talk. He is a good guy and I think he will be a good person for this team. Ed from [], at 2:35pm ET Terry – what do you consider to be your most memorable moment in a Tiger uniform? Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:37pm ET Terry – Hmmm. My most memorable moment? Sacking Vick last year. Sacking Chris Wienke. The problem is I have a lot of them. Beating USC four years in a row. My first start as a freshman. joey from [], at 2:38pm ET woody…what kind of a relationship do you have with willie, are you good sure it is competitive. Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:39pm ET Woody – We are tight. He helps me out and I help him out. We keep each other on each other’s toes. Terry – Who will start next year? Woody – Me. Woody Dantzler & Terry Jolly at 2:42pm ET Woody and Terry – Alright, we have to go, but thanks for stopping by. Make sure you pull for the Tigers in the Gator Bowl.