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Chat Wrap: Airese Currie

Chat Wrap: Airese Currie

Oct. 31, 2001

On Wednesday, Clemson wide receiver Ariese Currie dropped by to take questions leading up to Saturday’s Bowden Bowl III matchup vs. Florida State (3:30 p.m. ET, ABC).

Currie, a freshman out of Columbia, South Carolina, has seven receptions for 174 yards through seven games. On Saturday, he grabbed one pass for 36 yards n Clemson’s 21-14 win over Wake Forest. In the Tigers 45-37 win over N.C. State (Oct. 13), Currie hauled down a 79-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Woodrow Datnzler, the longest pass play for the Tigers in five years.

A highly touted receiver coming out of Richland Northeast High School, Currie also won the 200 and 400 meter track championships in South Carolina. He chose Clemson over Georgia and South Carolina.

Airese Currie: (11:33 AM ET ) Hey everyone, this is Airese. I am here and ready to take your questions. RAMON/PUERTO RICO: BIG GAME THIS WEEK AIRESE,DO YOU APPROACH THIS GAME DIFFERENTLY THAN THE PREVIOUS SEVEN? Airese Currie: (11:34 AM ET ) I don’t think I approach this game much differently. I know I’ll be more excited and hyped up about the game though. Clint (Clemson): Ariese, everybody keeps talking about your speed! I like to watch you streak down the field past defenders! (like against NC STATE). What’s your fastest time in the 40?? Airese Currie: (11:35 AM ET ) I ran the 40 in 4.25 this summer. Theotis, Asheville, NC: How has playing for Clemson this year compared to what you expected? Airese Currie: (11:36 AM ET ) It has been everything that you expected, based on recruiting and everything they told me. They have thrown the ball to me a lot and asked me to do a lot of other things. It’s been great. Matt Eaves Charleston, SC: Ariese, What will be going through your head when you step on the field in front of a national t.v audience and Bowden Bowl III? Airese Currie: (11:37 AM ET ) To make big plays and to come through when they call my number. Travis(Atlanta): Hey Airese,

As a freshman, what was the biggest transition from high school to immediate college football action? How does it feel playing in front of 85,000 screaming fans? Good luck this weekend against FSU!!!!! Airese Currie: (11:38 AM ET ) To tell you truth, getting off the ball against man pressure has been one of the toughest adjustments. The speed of the game is much faster at this level.

Memphis, TN: Ariese-Good Luck Saturday. How is the foot, are you going to be ready to go Saturday? Airese Currie: (11:39 AM ET ) The foot is fine. It was just a simple sprain. It was similar to what happened in the Wofford game. I have been practicing full-speed. Tim/Pittsburgh: What was the one factor that made you choose Clemson? Airese Currie: (11:41 AM ET ) I just felt like I was at home here at Clemson. I felt comfortable with the coaching staff and all the people I met here. I also felt like all the players that were coming in from South Carolina would make a big impact future. We have a talented group of young guys, that is for sure. Johnny (Canton, Ohio): How close are the young group of recievers at clemson? Airese Currie: (11:42 AM ET ) We are fairly close. As the season has gone on, we have become even closer. I live with Roscoe Crosby, so he is one of my best friends. K.G.(Summerville, SC): How good would it feel to score your first collegiate TD vs. the Seminoles on Saturday? Airese Currie: (11:43 AM ET ) I think that would feel unbelievable. I had a dream last night that I scored two this weekend against the Seminoles. Man, that would feel great. Shotgun Willie (Hilton Head): What is your favorite tradition @ Clemson? Also what uniforms does the team like best? Airese Currie: (11:44 AM ET ) I would have to say running down The Hill and rubbing Howard’s Rock. There is nothing like it in college football. R. Caugman (Clinton, SC): Which of the last three regular season games (FSU, Maryland, and South Carolina) do you feel will be the toughest challenge? Airese Currie: (11:45 AM ET ) I would say FSU since that is the next task at hand. You overlook the Seminoles. Kaz (DIRTY SOUTH): Airese.. how do you like the purple pants?? Airese Currie: (11:46 AM ET ) I think the purple pants are real jazzy. If it were up to me, I’d wear all purple. Matt Z (Mt. Pleasant): Which Clemson coach recruited you the most? Airese Currie: (11:48 AM ET ) Brad Scott was my recruiting coordinator. He did a great job recruiting me. He kept up with me everyday just to see how I was doing. Walter (Mullins): Does FSU’s speed at defensive back concern you and will you be able to haul in the big play against them? Airese Currie: (11:51 AM ET ) Well, we know they are going to be quick, but their speed doesn’t concern me too much. We’ve played others with a lot of speed such as Central Florida and NC State. Both of those secondaries were very quick. Lee(clemson): What does the offense plan to do if the FSU team steps up to stop Woodrow? Airese Currie: (11:52 AM ET ) If Woody was to get shut down, we can’t let that stop the rest of us. Our offense doesn’t only revolve around Woody. The rest of us have to step up. Daniel (Clemson): Are you planning on running track here at Clemson when football season is over and how is Kevin Youngblood progressing in rehab? Airese Currie: (11:54 AM ET ) Yes, I definitely will be running track. Clemson has a lot of great sprinters so the competition will be tough. I am not sure how his progress is coming from a medical standpoint, but he is out running routes with the receivers. Blair (Lugoff): What’s been your greatest moment at Clemson so far, on or off the playing field? Airese Currie: (11:55 AM ET ) Beating Georgia Tech at their place was unbelievable. I would have tops the list right now. RNE ’87 Clemson ’92: It’s great to see a local guy doing well. Thank you for not choosing South Carolina. Do you think Leake will turn out to be one of those classic Clemson linebackers? Airese Currie: (11:56 AM ET ) Yeah, He is a great linebacker. He has great instincts, he hits hard, and can run well. All the elements of a great linebacker. Matt (Oklahoma City): Are you a big fan of NCAA Football 2002? Airese Currie: (11:59 AM ET ) Oh yeah. I am creating myself as a receiver right now. Hopefully, when 2003 comes out, I won’t have to create myselft. Mort/Clemson: I know your fast, but are you strong? How much do you weigh, how much are you benching, and how much weight do you plan on putting on? Airese Currie: (12:01 PM ET ) I feel that I am pretty strong for my size. I weigh about 178 right now and I bench 295. I would like to put on anywhere from 7 to 10 more pounds and continue to get stonger and faster. I would like to run a 4.1 by the time I am a senior. Airese Currie: (12:01 PM ET ) I have to run to class now. Thanks for all your questions and I’ll see you in the Valley this weekend. Airese Currie: (12:03 PM ET ) To: R. Caugman (Clinton, SC): I meant you CAN’T overlook the Seminoles. oops.