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Audio And Quotes From Tuesday Press Conference

Audio And Quotes From Tuesday Press Conference

Oct. 9, 2001

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Quotes from Tommy Bowden on NC State Game

NC State Defense “They’re pretty sound in their schemes and haven’t had any busted coverages or missed assignments. Those are the times you give away plays. They’ve also got pretty good players. The fact that they’ve been able to prevent big plays has helped them out defensively. With Coach Amato spending so many years at Florida State they pattern a lot of their philosophy after that and you can tell on film. They’re very aggressive and they’re pretty physical. “

Defensing Dantzler “I don’t think they’ll deviate from their plan too much because they’ve been pretty successful. They might make a special emphasis on tackling or staying in their rush lanes or compensating for him somehow, but I don’t think they’ll make major adjustments. I think they’ll just work hard on their fundamentals.”

ACC “With a lot of teams having one loss this early in the season there are more big games than normal [this weekend]. Normally it is Florida State undefeated and the rest of the conference has one or two. The fact that Florida State lost early threw a lot of guys in the mix. I think it gives the conference credibility more so than a one-man show. I think it’s a good thing from a national perspective. It’s not so much who’s playing for second. Our chances are as good as everyone else’s with one loss.”

Team response after GT “I thought the last game was a good indication that they’ve got a lot of fight and they won’t quit. There’s some guys whose leadership level rose a little bit during the Georgia Tech game that hadn’t served in that capacity before. You get to potentially see them take another step this week. A big win, two weeks off, now how are you gonna respond? I have an idea of how they’ll respond but this is another level. We haven’t won a game like that in 20 years.

Phillip Rivers’ throwing motion “He’s accurate. I talked to Mike O’Cain and ask why he offered him [a scholarship] when teams like Alabama and Auburn didn’t. He said he was accurate. He was a winner. “

Levar Fisher “He reminds me of a bigger keep Keith Adams. If you run away from him (Fisher) his speed gets you. If you run at him he’s pretty good about shedding blockers and making tackles. He makes plays. You always have to know where he is and he’s always in the corner of your eye as a playcaller and a runner and everything else. I promise you everybody looks up before the ball is snapped and knows where number 44 is, including the coaches.”

Travis Zachery “Right now he’s a senior who’s playing really hard in all facets of the game. If you want to play at the next level they want to see the toughness of running, they want to see you catch and they want to see you block. I think he’s helping his stock go up. He’s always been a good blocker. He’s a very physical player, a very intense player and a very emotional player.

Punter switch “That’s a concern against someone who blocks punts well. If we can pick up ten more yards in coverage I think we’ll be in good shape. But if the get-off times for the second and third guys aren’t good then we’ll just try to play defense. I think Wynn [Kopp] will make the improvement, I think he’ll make the adjustment. “