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Auburn vs. Clemson Quotes

Auburn vs. Clemson Quotes

CLEMSON HEAD COACH DABO SWINNEY On the hard-fought, defensive nature of the game:“I feel like I’m back at Alabama in 1988 after that one. What a tough, gritty game. That’s such a reflection of the heart of our guys. You have to find ways to win games, especially early in the season, and I’m just really proud of our guys, particularly on defense. Hats off to those guys. 11 sacks and 14 tackles for loss. Our defensive line controlled the game. Really, all three levels of the defense played well. I can’t say enough good things.”

On the overall performance of the team in the win:“This is the type of game that you can really use to help your team grow when preparing for conference play. I can’t say enough about the way that Kelly Bryant performed. Hunter Renfrow, Ray-Ray McCloud and a lot of our playmakers were great. Special teams played well, too. It was just a great all-around performance.”

On the high number of players who entered the game for the Tigers:“That’s something that we feel like is a strength of our team. We love our depth. And, actually, there were some other guys who we would’ve liked to have gotten into the game tonight. But just for guys who got the playing experience tonight, that’ll be great for their growth moving forward.”

On the fan support at Death Valley:“I just appreciate the environment and the atmosphere that they helped create tonight. I know this was a low-scoring slobberknocker, but they stuck with us and helped create a good energy for us tonight.”

AUBURN HEAD COACH GUS MALZAHN Opening statement:“Obviously, this was a very disappointing loss. Looking back at the game…offensively, we moved the ball well early, but kicking those two field goals and not being able to score a touchdown in the red zone really hurt us. Of course, in quarters two, three and four, the negative plays killed us. I think we got sacked 11 times. Our defense was outstanding. They kept us in the game. We got numerous chances towards the end, we just didn’t respond. They’re defending national champs and their defense is one of the best ones in college football, but offensively we just didn’t get it done. We’ll get better. We have to be able to run the football, and we have to be able to play-action pass. Our kids are hurting right now in the locker room and this was a disappointing loss for us.”

On play of offensive line:“That was too many sacks, but we have to be able to run the football a little better, too. We can’t be in as many obvious passing situations. There were a lot of third down and eight-plus situations that were tough. We have to be able to run in play-action. We will get better, I promise you that.”

On not playing RB Kam Martin:“Well, Kam[ryn] Pettway is really our guy. Looking back, you can always talk about things you didn’t do, but we were a little concerned with the size of their linebackers. We thought they were going to do a lot of blitzing, which they did, so there are some reasons you didn’t see Kam [Martin]. Obviously, when you don’t perform offensively like you should have or could have, there are a lot of different things that the offensive staff will look at and we’ll get a good plan moving forward.”

On tonight’s offensive performance:“Well, we had too many negative plays. We didn’t protect the quarterback when we needed to and we weren’t able to effectively run the football. Clemson had a lot to do with that, but we have to find ways to get that done.”

On getting plays in on first drive:“Down on Clemson’s end, about the two yard-line, it was very loud right there. We were trying to move our tackle over and he couldn’t hear it, so we went ahead and kicked it. It is what it is on that.”


KELLY BRYANT, QuarterbackOn returning to the game with a spark:“It was definitely the spark we needed. We really didn’t get any rhythm in the first quarter and a little in the second quarter, but right before the half, we needed a spark and we got it. Made a few plays, and we got in the end zone and really fired us up.”

On the success of the defense:“They really found their rhythm in the first quarter when we really couldn’t on offense. I mean Auburn was making good plays, but our defense was making the tough plays, guarding the perimeter and disrupting the pass.”HUNTER RENFROW, Wide ReceiverOn his long catch on third down:“Yeah, I think it was a third down, and we always talk about ways to win, and as an offense we didn’t have an unbelievable night, but we just wanted to go out there and win it right there. It took a lot of guts to call that, and Kelly [Bryant] stepped up and did a great job.”

On Kelly Bryant coming back in the game:“Of course it gave us a spark…the adversity that Kelly [Bryant] faced getting knocked out and getting up and wanting to go play. That really just shows the type of leader he is and that we’ve seen so far this season and in fall camp…a guy who is going to get knocked down and get back up is the kind I want on my team.”On the current state of the team:“We’re hungry…there is a lot that is unproven still, a lot of guys that are just ready to go out there and perform. Obviously a lot of guys left, but I’m excited about the guys that are here.  We are going to go out there and win games, and that is what this team is destined to do.”AUSTIN BRYANT, Defensive EndOn having top 15 game and it coming down to defense:“I love it, because that’s what you come to Clemson for. That’s what you come to a school like this for…playing these big games. Football players are tough minded people, and tonight, it showed that we were the most prepared team.”

On getting a win over a top 15 squad:“The team last year knew how to handle adversity, and this was our first real test this season. I feel like we stood up right in the face of adversity and did well.”

On the main key to getting pressure on QB:“Bringing intensity every play…we knew that once we got into the second half, they would have to throw the ball a little bit more. We knew their tendencies, and we were able to be effective when it was our time to. When we had a chance to we brought it.”

On whether it is fun to get games where so much is asked of the defense:“Most definitely. For us to have to hold onto the game in the first half. The offense started off a little shaky, for them to catch on fire. For us to just keep playing the way we were, it was awesome to just be out there playing and having fun.”

DORIAN O’DANIEL, LinebackerOn defensive lockdown and only giving up 117 yards:“It’s credit to our defense. It was a big challenge, and we responded. Our trenches and the D-line were challenged coming into this game, and they showed up. We knew it would be a fourth quarter game, and I’m so proud of the defense for responding and playing that half like we did.”

On bouncing off one another with sacks:“That’s what we value…the value of team and family. If one person makes a play, we all make a play. We are a very selfless defense. Everyone is playing for each other.”

On the key to getting pressure on Auburn’s quarterback:“Everyone doing their job. If the back seven holds up in coverage and the D-line is able to get to the quarterback, they scratch our back we scratch theirs.”

On being able to stop Auburn’s run and making them make the pass:“We knew that they were going to make some adjustments. As a defense, we have to be ready and take those adjustments and execute the game plan accordingly. Coach [Venables] did a great job of drawing up what we were doing wrong, where the wrong fits were and corrected the defense.”