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Ask The Tigers Audio

Aug. 18, 2000

Congratulations to Kenneth Shuler and Brandon Hobbs for having their questions selected as part of Ask The Tigers.

Ask The Tigers Audio

Media Player Sport Audio Date Notes Football Altroy Bodrick8/18/00 Do you have a feeling of accomplishment coming from a verysmall town, Cameron,SC, and playing ball at a small 2AA high schoolto making a sack on national television against Florida State? Wasit a childhood dream for you that came true when that happen, toknow that you have finally made it to big time college football?Kenneth Shuler, Greenville, S.C. Football Kyle Young – 1Kyle Young – 2 8/18/00 Yesterday, Jason Holloman cited the play ofDonnell Washington. What do you think of his play and some of theother defensive linemen? Brandon Hobbs, Taylors, S.C.Football Kyle Young 8/18/00 How do you think the offensive line isshaping up for this season? Brandon Hobbs, Taylors, S.C.