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Ask The Tigers Audio

Aug. 16, 2000

Congratulations to Russell Wrightwood and Helgi Leja for having their questions selected as part of Ask The Tigers.

Ask The Tigers Audio

Media Player Sport Audio Date Notes Football Tony Lazzara8/16/00 What things have you done in the off-season to improve youraccuracy and distance? Russell Wrightwood, Newnan, Ga.Football Tony Lazzara 8/16/00 Do you feel the competition withAaron Hunt for the placekicking job has been beneficial or wouldyou have preferred to come into the Fall as theincumbent?Russell Wrightwood, Newnan, Ga. Football WoodrowDantzler 8/16/00 Some have tabbed you as a Heisman darkhorse, whatdo you need to do to get yourself in the Heisman race?HelgiLeja, Alpharetta, Ga. Football Woodrow Dantzler 8/16/00 Howwould you compare yourself to Michael Vick of VirginiaTech?Helgi Leja, Alpharetta, Ga.