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Ask The Tigers Audio

Aug. 17, 2000

Congratulations to James Brodie and Wade Grooms for having their questions selected as part of Ask The Tigers.

Ask The Tigers Audio

Media Player Sport Audio Date Notes Football Jason Holloman8/17/00 Since you face them everyday, which of the offensivelinemen have you been impressed with? James Brodie, Clemson,S.C. Football Jason Holloman 8/17/00 Who has impressed you themost among the defensive linemen?James Brodie, Clemson, S.C.Football Chad Carson 8/17/00 How has Vickery Hall aided in youracademic success? Wade Grooms, Bonneau, S.C. Football ChadCarson 8/17/00 What study habits could you pass along to other teammembers that might help them in their classroom efforts,particularly the incoming freshmen? Wade Grooms, Bonneau,S.C.