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Nov 06, 2018

P.A.W. Journey Ambassador 20-Day Mental Health Challenge

Mental Health Wellness Challenge

What: Mental health has been a big focus for this year’s team as coaches, staff and players have made it a priority to discuss and practice mindfulness. P.A.W. Journey   is helping to facilitate a 20-Day Mental Health Challenge — presenting relaxation, gratitude and self-care exercises to practice holistic health within the entire football program.

The P.A.W. Journey 20-Day Mental Health Challenge:

Who: The P.A.W. Journey Player Ambassadors co-created the challenge days and have taken responsibility in the peer-accountability of their teammates involvement. We would also like to expand this challenge the entire Clemson University community!

When: November 6-25, 2018; Whenever works for your schedule each day!

To download your challenge sheet, click the link below!

Mental Health Wellness Challenge Sheet