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1999 Clemson Football Outlook

Aug. 11, 1999

You need only look at the turnover statistic to determine the most important barometer when it comes to Clemson football. The Tigers ranked 103rd in the nation in turnover margin last season, committing 29 turnovers compared to forcing 18. Clemson had 27 turnovers in its eight losses and just two in its three wins.

Clemson had seven turnovers against Wake Forest, four interceptions and three lost fumbles. That was the most turnovers by the Clemson offense since the Kentucky game of 1985, a 26-7 Wildcat victory. The Tigers had no turnovers in their victory over Maryland.

Turnover margin and rushing margin are an indication of how the Tigers will do. The Tigers are now 23-3 the last five years when they win both the turnover margin and rushing margin in the same game, and are now 112-8-2 over the last 21 seasons, a 92 percent winning mark.