100 Years of Rivalry: Photos

100 Years of Rivalry: Photos

Nov. 21, 2002

Clemson-South Carolina Photos Click on Image for Larger Picture.
Pictured is the 1896 Clemson team photo, the Tigers’ first squad (coached by Walter M. Riggs). Clemson’s first team paved the way for future Tiger squads, like John Heisman’s perfect 6-0 team of 1900.

Frank Howard was a legend in the coaching profession duringthe mid-20th century. He had 165 wins in 30 years (1940-69) atClemson and helped create the great rivalry that Clemson-SouthCarolina is today. Pictured is Ring of Honor member Banks McFaddenagainst South Carolina in 1939. Clemson defeated South Carolina27-0 in the game. Legendary Tiger Head Coach Frank Howard kisses”Big Thursday” goodbye. Clemson never had a home game in thisseries prior to 1960. Little-used placekicker Rodney Rogers kickedthe game-winning field goal in the waning moments in Clemson’s20-17 win over a Dan Reeves-led South Carolina team in 1962. JerryButler, perhaps Clemson’s greatest receiver ever, pulls down “TheCatch” at South Carolina in 1977. His famed touchdown receptionhelped the Tigers defeat the Gamecocks 31-27. As a freshman in1981, William Perry helped Clemson to the National Championship anda 29-13 victory over South Carolina in Columbia. Rod Gardner hauledin this 50-yard reception to South Carolina’s 8-yard line with only10 seconds remaining in the 2000 game. “The Catch II” set up AaronHunt’s game-winning field goal as the Tigers defeated the Gamecocks16-14. .