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Passionate About Winning

WHAT WE DO: Our mission is to cultivate leadership in our student-athletes through personal growth, life skills, and professional development. This journey prepares each young man to be the example by sustaining a lifestyle of winning.

WHO WE ARE: The P.A.W. Journey is a program-wide initiative for Clemson Football in which all coaches, staff and student-athletes participate. All programs are player-led and serve as an integral part of their developmental leadership and articulation of team needs.

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Mailing Address: Jervey Athletic Center (Football) P.O. Box 31 Clemson, SC 29633

Physical Address: 100 Allen Reeves Dr. Clemson, SC 29631


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STRIPED is P.A.W. Journey’s Personal Growth pillar. Tigers are not born; tigers are made. Becoming a Tiger is about building character, facing adversity, becoming better and ultimately stronger. Personal growth is the continuous effort to become the best you. STRIPED is the process we utilize to inspire our student-athletes towards maturity. The Tiger is known by its stripes. Each stripe represents a lesson learned, a victory earned, or a battle fought.

These words embody this pillar: character, confidence, conviction.

P.A.W. Journey AmbassadorsPlayer SymposiumP.A.T. Man of the Year

Striped Categories

CHARACTER: earned by Tigers whose actions honor our standard

FIELD/WEIGHT ROOM: earned by Tigers who grow/dominate during game time

NIERI: earned by Tigers who achieve academic success

COMMUNITY: earned by Tigers who voluntarily serve in their community

MAN: earned by Tigers who demonstrate growth on their journey to manhood

LEADERSHIP: earned by Tigers who show leadership on and off the field

P.A.W. Journey Ambassadors

P.A.W. Journey Ambassadors are comprised of leaders within the team that show their commitment to the development of others, as well as to themselves. During their monthly meetings, one Ambassador leads a facilitated discussion on the teams needs and new initiatives within Clemson Football. Ambassadors are representatives of P.A.W. Journey, demonstrating advanced understanding of maturity, service, professionalism, and leadership.

Player Symposium

P.A.W. Journey hosts a yearly Player Symposium, a time set aside before Fall Camp to prepare our student-athletes for the upcoming season. This year included a values summit where each player was challenged to articulate their top individual values, as well as decide the team’s top values as a collective. The team also engaged in an appreciation for the learning process of any skill through the practicing and patience of juggling.

P.A.T. Man of the Year

The P.A.T. Award began 5 years ago to celebrate young men who exemplify and personify manhood through leadership, ethics, demeanor, and community involvement.

The 2017 P.A.T. Man of the Year was Milan Richard. Milan graduated from Clemson University in December of 2017 with a degree in Communication Studies. Milan truly has a servant’s heart and his favorite service project thus far has been helping the young men and women of Golden Harvest Food Bank distribute groceries to families in need. Milan’s micro-internship with Adobe allowed him to cultivate his love for collaboration with others, while also giving him the opportunity to strengthen his own personal business skills. Milan leads by example daily and impacts everyone that he comes in contact with.

C.U. in Life

The mission of C.U. IN LIFE is to equip our young men with the transferable tools necessary for a lifestyle of winning and address them as a whole person. Events within this program will teach our student-athletes critical life skills necessary to be respected and impactful men of society. Topics include finances, nutrition, etiquette and professionalism. This program also highlights our young men as servant leaders, providing them with opportunities in civic engagement. Whether it is in the local community, or across the world, tigers develop cultural competencies through sustainable service initiatives.

P.A.W. Journey Worldwide: Costa RicaP.A.W. Journey Worldwide: HaitiFall Team Community ServiceKicks, Cleats and Kids


Las Palmas, Costa Rica May 8-14, 2018

Twelve football student-athletes traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica to work with the undeserved community of Las Palmas. During their time, participants were able to construct three new homes, as well as create a neighborhood road for use amongst the community. Student-athletes were also able to gain cultural competency, hearing from leaders within the community, experiencing traditional cuisine and dances, and practicing Spanish throughout the week.

Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

Port-au-Prince, Haiti May 7-12, 2017

May 7th-12th, a week that forever changed 16 student-athletes and 5 Clemson staff members, who traveled to Haiti with a non-profit organization known as Soles4Souls. The group coupled with Tiffany Turner, whom is the director of outreach for Soles4Souls, devoted their time to the Haitian community in more ways than one.

The group’s first venture began with a shoe distribution. Shoes were systematically given to children with players organizing the shoes by size and gender, then when the children came to receive their shoes players would first size each child’s foot and write their shoe size on the child’s wrist.

Next, the child would be taken into the room where all the shoes were housed and get their feet washed by a player. After that another player would then match the child with the correct shoe size based on the number on their wrist. By traveling to different schools throughout the week, the young men and women were able to have a maximal impact with more than 550 pairs of shoes allocated.

The group also spent a day with Feeding Hope, which is a non-profit organization in Montrouis, Haiti that provides hot meals for both men and women within the community. Feeding Hope feeds over 150 people a day and the team got to experience this first hand through helping serve over 400 meals.

2018 Fall Team Community Service

On October 9th, 2018 we came together for our Fall Team Service! We served over 270 families, all of 4 or more people; all families are local from Clemson, Central, and Seneca. 1,012 total people came to the facility. 301 were seniors and 360 were children (ages 12 or under), 6 mammograms were administered, 3 of which were first time users. 27 physicals/health checks were administered, including recreational therapy and dietary plans. We partnered with Littlejohn Community Center, to identify families in need and provided voter registration for participants. Golden Harvest Food Bank provided free, balanced groceries for our families! We also had free health checks and provided haircuts to families!

Kicks, Cleats and Kids

Kicks, Cleats, and Kids is our annual service project that is partnered with Clemson’s Call Me MISTER Program. Call Me MISTER serves economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities, Call Me MISTER identifies mentors for these children and actively seeks to enrich their everyday lives. By coupling this program with Kicks, Cleats, and Kids children are invited to spend a day with the team as they tour the facility, interact with our young men through games and activities, and receive a pair of new Nike shoes.

5th Quarter

The 5th QUARTER is P.A.W. Journey’s Career and Professional Development pillar. The 5th QUARTER inspires each athlete to catapult into the marketplace. Whether the focus is on pursuing purposeful employment, or entering the N.F.L., 5th QUARTER ensures each young man remains the example in their community into the marketplace through internships, shadowing opportunities, and developmental workshops. These words embody this pillar: principle, preparation, purpose.

Microinternship ProgramHire a TigerLooking Good, On & Off the FieldJourney to EntrepreneurshipBrian Dawkins Lifetime Achievement AwardGraduation Ceremony

Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

Microinternship Program

Bunty LLC, Cisco, Racetrac, White Trucking

Throughout the month of May during our break, 30 student athletes traveled to various places across the country to do a Micro internship with acclaimed companies that include, Adobe, Cisco, RaceTrac, and more. These companies allowed the student athletes to participate in a micro internship because the gentleman were only allotted two weeks off during their summer.

The groups worked full time throughout the duration of the internship. The group of men enjoyed being able to learn everything they could from the various internships, while also exploring California and experiencing a culture completely different from their own.

2018 Hire a Tiger

The 2018 Hire A Tiger event showcased our young men as future businessmen and allowed them to come prepared for a job opportunity. Employers set up tables with their information, and allowed the student-athletes to approach them and ask any questions that they may have concerning upcoming job opportunities. This event specifically highlighted the 2018 Senior Class, so that they were given the greatest opportunity for securing a position as soon as they graduated.

Looking Good, On and Off the Field

Not only our Clemson Football student-athletes learning the skills to navigate professional settings, but they are also learning the tools of the trade when networking. Each tiger is fitted and regularly appears in business attire, complete with personalized business cards and an eagerness to make meaningful exchanges with corporate leaders and mentors.

Clemson football’s first annual p.a.w. journey to ENTREPRENEURSHIP

P.A.W. Journey Takes the Field

On Saturday October 23rd, the P.A.W. Journey Team was recognized at the Boston College Game on the field for the conclusion of P.A.W. Journey Week.

Brian Dawkins Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

The Brian Dawkins Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2013, in order to recognize men who exemplify the characteristics of greatness both on and off the field. Coach Swinney said, “Brian Dawkins epitomizes everything you strive to be on and off the field when it comes to being a Clemson football player. He is the ultimate professional and has represented this university with distinction in every way. He has set a standard of excellence in every way.”

Jeff Davis, was selected as the 5th recipient of this award and was recognized on the field during the homecoming game on October 7th. On February 4, 2018, it was announced that Dawkins was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was one of five players selected, and on August 4th, he was officially inducted.

2018 Graduation Ceremony

This passed Fall semester, P.A.W. Journey hosted an event to honor and celebrate our 23 Seniors that graduated in the year of 2017. This event allowed our young men to feel how proud we are of them, not only as players, but as intelligent leaders who have the skills to win in all areas of life.


Jeff Davis – Assistant Athletic Director of Football Player Relations
Savannah Bailey – Player Relations Coordinator
Rashard Hall – Director of Career & Professional Development
Kyndall Ellis – Inargural P.A.W. Journey Intern
Thomas Marshall III – Intern


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