McDaniel Placed on Deferred Suspension for 2008 Season

Aug. 29, 2008

Clemson, SC — Clemson reserve linebacker DeAndre McDaniel has been placed on “deferred suspension” for the 2008 season. He will be allowed to compete for the Tigers as long as he meets the requirements of his pre-trial intervention program.

McDaniel was charged with a misdemeanor in June for his involvement in an altercation with his girl friend at the time. After a review of the case, Solicitor Bob Arial decided to place McDaniel in the PTI Program. Enrollment in the program is not an admission of guilt, and record of the arrest would be expunged upon completion of the program.

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden has recommended that McDaniel be placed on deferred suspension, which means he will be able to participate in Clemson games, but will be suspended if he fails to meet the requirements of the program at any time until McDaniel completes the requirements.

“I looked at this case very thoroughly,” said Bowden. “It has been an on-going process since it first took place, and I take the charges very seriously.

“After reviewing the decisions that were made by the Solicitor and Clemson’s administration, reading statements by witnesses, including a female witness, and taking into account the fact that DeAndre had no previous disciplinary problems, I decided to make this recommendation to Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips.”

“Coach Bowden and I reviewed all the facts we have available from the organizations investigating the case,” said Phillips.

“Coach Bowden has done an outstanding job when it comes to discipline of his student-athletes. We have had hiccups like all programs, but by and large he has an outstanding track record in this area. Accordingly, I support Coach Bowden’s recommendation.”

McDaniel, a sophomore from Tallahassee, FL, made the following statement. “I accept the solicitor’s decision to enter the PTI program. I have met with Coach Bowden and understand what a deferred suspension means. I will do whatever it takes to complete the program.”