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Current Issues With Dr. Phillips

Current Issues With Dr. Phillips

Dec. 13, 2005

We at Clemson University are so proud of Trevor Adair and Clemson’s men’s soccer team for an incredible season.

To reach the NCAA Tournament’s Final Four is a remarkable achievement. We congratulate Coach Adair and his assistant coaches, Scott Calabrese, Phil Hindson and Mike Potempa.

We salute the student-athletes on the team who are the reason this accomplishment was possible. While reaching lofty athletic heights, they also have been outstanding ambassadors for Clemson University by showing good sportsmanship and behavior.

This season will be a cherished memory for these team members for the rest of their lives, especially for the seniors: Bradley Gibson, Randy Albright, Charlie Roberts and Justin Moore.

Other team members are Jarrett Lews, Phil Marfuggi, Nathan Sturgis, Parker Rogers, Alan O’Hara, Havird Usry, Bryson Moore, Andrew Bradham, Hector Quintanar, Dane Richards, Ryan Roushandel, Mark Buchholz, Jeff Routh, Danny Poe, Micah Usry, Kevin Howell, Greg Burana, Edwin Wotortsi, Josh Landis, Michael Brooks, Scott Rosman and David Newton.

I also want to express my gratitude to our many supporters who packed Riggs Field on Dec. 2 to create an exciting game atmosphere. There is little doubt that the support from Clemson fans at the game helped win the match and earn Clemson a berth in the Final Four.

As well, there was considerable fan support for Clemson in the Raleigh area at the NCAA Tournament. I’m sure it meant a great deal to Coach Adair and the student-athletes to see a strong contingent of wearing orange at the Clemson matches.

I want to add that our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Adair, who recently suffered the loss of his father. Despite the difficult circumstances, Coach Adair has done an outstanding job. What Clemson has accomplished speaks to the type coach and person Coach Adair is.

— I also want to congratulate our coaches who took part in the “Shop with a Coach” activities last week. Representatives from each Clemson sports program took children from the Clemson Community care Center on a Christmas shopping trip to the Wal-Mart in Central, SC. The gift of their time and energies embodies the spirit of giving and One Clemson.

In Solid Orange,Terry Don Phillips

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